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#GoodbyeTNS - What TNS means to me


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As The National Student closes its doors at the end of the week, contributor Joanne Elliott tells us what the platform means to her.

This week, The National Student closes its doors after 17 years and I have loved being a part of this family, and for my final article, I wanted to explain just how much the past two years writing for this site have meant to me. 

I joined The National Student in the summer of 2017. My first article was published exactly two years ago on Thursday last week. A friend of mine had recommended the site to me as I was about to go into my third year studying journalism. I was looking to expand my portfolio and The National Student just seemed to fit perfectly. I could write as much as I wanted, in my own time, from the comfort of my own bedroom.

Before writing for The National Student, I had never been published by a news outlet. Sure, I had been writing and publishing my own blog for several years, and had written for my sixth form newspaper. But The National Student was my first time writing for a professional news site.

I have learnt so much from the experience. It gave me a chance to put the skills I'd learned from my degree into practice, it made me a better writer and allowed me to explore so many different types of news reporting. I have managed to write something for every section in my two years as a contributor. It has made me a more versatile writer, and it was also just so much fun to experiment with different sections and find out what I really love to write. Turns out it's a lot of different things: I've written about films, books, TV, feminism, theatre, travel and so much more. I had the freedom to choose, to explore and create content that I was truly passionate about and I definitely think I became a better writer because of it.

It's hard to believe how many people have read my articles in the last two years alone, and how many of them I've written. Obviously, every writer wants people to read them, and hopefully take something away from their work. I hope that has been the case but whatever I have given to readers through The National Student, I know that I have gained so much more.

As a strange sort of symmetry, my time at university ends for me around the same time that The National Student close. This may be goodbye from The National Student but I know that I'm heading out into the world of journalism well prepared. Because of everything I've done here. I would not be the writer I am today without this platform, and I will carry the experiences I have had with me long into my future career - whatever that may be.

The National Student may be ending but for all of us writers, it will forever be a part of our journey and I will always be grateful for this. 

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