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#GoodbyeTNS - It's never too late to start a new career


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As The National Student closes its doors at the end of the week, contributor Amelia Thorogood tells us what the platform means to her.

Way back in 1991, before mobiles, pre-internet and when editing still meant that things ended up on the cutting room floor, I set off to university to study Media and Communication. I had a vague idea to become a journalist. After getting a bit lost and side-tracked, my first article was published in January this year. 30 years later.

As I teach part-time and study for a Masters in Creative Writing, The National Student has been the perfect platform to revisit my teenage dream. 

My first article was a sponsored piece about veganism, something I am passionate about.  I was astonished by how many people read it (3,692 reads to date). Like all journalists, I just love the fizz of excitement when one of my articles is published!  I may be one of the older contributors but I am probably the most excited! 

Thanks to The Nationals Student, I have been able to explore issues and things that are of concern to me. From the environment, education, literature and the arts, I have written on a broad range of subjects. I am also very proud that during my first telephone interview, they thought I (really) was a journalist.

But the article that means the most to me is a piece I wrote to raise awareness about endometriosis - something thousands of women suffer from. The response was incredible; I received so many messages from women thanking me for sharing the story of condition. I hope that in my own, small way I have made a difference. 

Writing for The National Student has given me the confidence to believe that I can write. After 20 years of teaching others, it has been wonderful to finally do so for me. I have learnt such a lot from the amazing team of talented editors it has been my privilege to work with. 

I am sad that my time with The National Student has been so brief, as I feel I still have a great deal to learn.

I have no idea where my writing will take me next but thank you for such a wonderful start to my – dare I say it out loud? - writing career.  

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