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#GoodbyeTNS - You never forget your first time


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As The National Student closes its doors at the end of the week, contributor Daniel Sharp tells us what the platform means to him.

There is no joy quite like seeing one’s name attached to a published article.

However much you enjoy writing something, the greatest pleasure comes from seeing your name in print. The first time I experienced that elation it was with The National StudentMy first piece was nothing special; merely a couple of hundred words about a teaser trailer for Doctor Who in April 2017, but it will always hold great meaning to me. You never forget your first time.

Since then I have gone on to write for other outlets and set up my own website but I have continued contributing to this magazine, although infrequent at times. I take great pride in what I’ve written for The National Student and the variety my articles for the magazine display. From reviews of Doctor Who to accounts of events at the Edinburgh TV Festival and opinion pieces, The National Student have given me a platform to express myself.

I haven’t held back either; whether defending Donald Trump’s airstrikes in Syria in 2017 or attacking the abominable (and, sadly, ongoing) assaults on gay people in Chechnya, The National Student have given me space to contribute to discussions in the public square, and I shall always be grateful for that.

The National Student has also given me space to express myself, in more personal terms. The day on which I write these words is 23rd August 2019; six years ago today my father died. And in August 2017 The National Student published my piece on the poem Invictus which I wrote in tribute to my dad as it had been read at his funeral.

The National Student was a wide-roaming magazine devoted to covering a multitude of topics and events, from advice to opinion, student news to reviews. The archives of the magazine hold such diversity. 

The National Student, your influence will continue to be felt by so many and your record is a testament to the generations of student journalists you have nurtured. No doubt The National Student alumni will go on to do great things. But it was not just a stepping stone to other things. The team, the editors and my fellow writers deserve a round of applause, so consider this a thank you to them all. It’s been a blast, and if I’ve been a bit neglectful at times, keep in mind that I’ve loved every second of involvement.

We must not dwell too much on the sadness of past losses, but we can and should appreciate the positive influences of what we have lost.

So Goodbye, The National Student - and I’ll never forget my first time.

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