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Can you guess the Disney film from these vague descriptions?


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If you’re a Disney fan, chances are you know each of the animated films inside out … or do you?

Reddit user roastedtoperfection challenged people on the website to describe memorable Disney films without using the titles, and some of them are quite tricky.

Here are 11 of the best. The answers will be given below, but don’t cheat.

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1. Can you guess this classic film?

Answer: Peter Pan.

2. Is this description enough for you?

Answer: 101 Dalmatians.

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3. This Disney film was based on Shakespeare.

Answer: The Lion King.

4. What about this epic Disney flick?

Answer: Mulan.

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5. This cute film was given a misleading description…

Answer: Ratatouille.

6. Can you guess this strange description?

Answer: Lilo and Stitch.

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7. This film is a classic.

Answer: Aladdin.

8. Can you guess this 1940s film?

Answer: Dumbo

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9. This underrated film?

Answer: The Emperor’s New Groove.

10. Can you guess this iconic animation?

Answer: The Incredibles.

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11. Lastly, this historical movie.

Answer: Hercules.

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