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New meme sees people recounting their most ‘on brand’ stories from childhood


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Sometimes children do the silliest things, and the adults around get a little peek into their future personalities, or “brands”.

Writer and illustrator @prinxeMu wanted to know about exactly these moments, asking Twitter: “What’s the most on brand story you have from your early childhood?”

Here are people’s hilarious anecdotes that they think gave them an insight into their adult personalities.

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1. This incredibly rebellious story.

2. Someone’s seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory one too many times.

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3. Amazing.

4. Napping is a strong brand.

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5. This woman was a feminist from an early age.

6. This young food-lover.

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7. This child did not want to be spoken down to.

8. A born introvert.

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9. This grade-A student.

10. Lastly, this woman grew up to become a vampire author.

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