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10 magical Harry Potter gifts for those who are still waiting for their Hogwarts letter

6th April 2018
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We might’ve just about accepted that we’re not going to be going to Hogwarts (or, alas, even be accepted as part of the Harry Potter cast... sob) – but it doesn’t mean we can’t pretend we’re living behind those magical castle walls. Right? Right.

Our friends at IWOOT have got a whole bunch of gifts for the Potter fan in your life, should they have a birthday or other such event coming up. If not, why not buy them a gift just because? Sharing is caring, after all.

Failing that, you could just buy everything on this list for yourself. We promise we won’t judge.

So, without further ado: ten gifts for the Harry Potter fan that say “PotterMORE? YES PLEASE.”

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1. This t-shirt, for the Slytherin in your life

We’re on board with Slytherin, in all honesty – we were even before that whole “Snape is an unsung hero” revelation. We don’t want to say we called it whilst you were still hoping you could get past the Fat Lady, but also... we totally did. Anyway, whatever your house allegiance we think you’ll agree that this whole green and black aesthetic is more chic than gold and burgundy.

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Price: £14.99

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2. And one for the social crusader #FreeDobby

Maybe our most devastating Harry Potter death, and definitely one we never want to see repeated by any other innocent house elves. RIP, little elf. We didn’t deserve you.

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Price: £14.99

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3. This luminous bit of “luminart”

This amazing creation, designed for the Gryffindor who wants to summon their own patronus without having to stare down a Dementor, is described as “a stunning gift for any Harry Potter fan”, and we couldn’t agree more. Magical.

Get it here

Price: £16.99

See the full range of Harry Potter luminart here

4. This travel mug, for cold mornings wandering in Hogsmead (we’ll take a Butter Beer)

How delightful, to wander through the snow of Hogsmead with a magical beverage whilst also cutting down on your single use plastic. Go on, be a responsible wizard and buy this mug for your Gryffindor mate.

Get it here

Price: 9.99

5. This incredibly meditative colouring book, perfect for days when fighting Death Eaters is just too much to handle

We all need a bit of downtime after battling the Dark Arts, so cracking out this colouring book to try and find some #peace sounds pretty much ideal. #mindfulness #calm #wizardweekends

Get it here

Price: £9.99

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6. This Severus Snape Pop! Vinyl Figure, which your Snape-loving mate will treasure for always

Just look at his little plastic face. How could we ever have thought he wasn’t the purest wizard there ever was? SOB.

Get it here

Price: £9.99

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7. This magical glass, that changes colour depending on the strength of your potion

Handy in a number of ways, particularly if someone has spiked your mead in the hope that they can steal your identity to pursue nefarious means. We’re onto you, Hermione Granger.

Get it here

Price: £7.99

Included in IWOOT’s 3 for £20 offer

8. This mysterious cauldron, to store all your potion ingredients 

Because a true wizard needs his herbs at the ready when it's potion hour. 

Get it here

Price: £18.99

Mix and match 2 products for £35

9. These playing cards, to add some magic to your pre-drinks 

Hours of fun ahead in the Gryffindor common room. Just pair your Hogwarts house playing cards with a firewhiskey and get ready for the night to go with a bang. 

Get it here

Price: £6.99

Part of the 3 for £20 offer

10. And finally, some gadget merch to cheer you up when the OWL revision is getting heavy

Nothing like decorating your Mac with a Hogwarts crest to remind yourself that you’re part of the greatest wizarding institution in the world (sorry Durmstrang).

Get it here

Price: £6.99

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