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14 animals that were feeling your #TooHotToSleep pain last night

20th June 2017

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The animal owners of the UK took to Twitter last night to show how their pets were coping with the #TooHotToSleep pain.

Stock image dog / unconfirmed as a #TooHotToSleep survivor

From dogs in freezers to sleepy ducks, it’s not just humans that are suffering in the heat.

Animals further afield were feeling our pain, too. Who doesn’t want to roll in the waterhole like a hippo right now?

As it turns out, most UK-based animals are more inventive at staying cool than their humans.

Like this very wise dog, who’s found the ideal place to see out the heat-wave:

And this cat, who is super chill:

And this doggo, who is quite frankloy a genius:

This duck is all of us at our desks today:

These puppies were doing ok at keeping cool:

As was this promotional sausage dog:

And this cat:

This one wasn’t quite as successful, sadly:

Rigby was given some assistance by her human:

And this little puppy found the ideal place to nap in peace:

Living somewhere that's probably hot most of the time, this hippo has EXACTLY the right idea:

But used to colder climes, this cat is pretty much on the edge of a meltdown:

Although maybe this polar bear has bigger problems than all of us:

Oh well, better stockpile the coffee for tomorrow.

Phew. Just keep swimmin’, everyone.


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