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This woman livetweeted a couple's argument in a restaurant and it's better than any movie


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When Ashe Dryden was having a quiet meal at a hotel restaurant in Toronto, she got a whole lot more than she bargained for: an explosive and very public argument between a couple on the table next to her.

Thanks to the magic of modern technology, Ashe livetweeted the whole exchange. She says: “I started tweeting it more out of shock than anything else.”

Hold on to your hats, because this is a veritable rollercoaster. FYI, Ashe sent out over 70 tweets during the saga, so this is the abridged version.

First up: how the whole argument started.

A pretty juicy start, especially considering the woman found out he was cheating when his other girlfriend called him. Awkward.

What’s best is the woman’s reaction – she’s as calm as anything while he sweats it.

The woman definitely knows how to deal with an argument properly – she’s as cool as a cucumber, and realises the necessity for cake.

She’s not going to let her cheating boyfriend get her down – she’s onto bigger and better things! Aka better boyfriends and body shots.

And then things get even better when the guy tries to justify his behaviour. Good luck with that, Brad (yes – his name is Brad).

The woman is having none of that and proceeds to take. Brad. Down.

The onslaught continues, and Brad comes back with a particularly feeble response.

Seriously Brad – an email?!

As if this woman could be any more badass, she’s taking Brad’s terrible behaviour as an opportunity to focus on herself.

Now that is a TED talk we would definitely listen to. But don’t worry, she’s not *quite* done giving Brad the what for.

And obviously Brad has no good answer for her.

And then, as abruptly as it started, the conversation is over and the now ex-couple walk out of the restaurant together. Phew.

Props to Ashe for providing us with the entertainment we needed – and her tale has won many fans on Twitter.

It’s not just Ashe who’s getting love, but also the woman in the conversation who dealt with everything like an absolute boss.

It’s such a gripping tale that it’s even inspired fan art.

Who needs to pay for entertainment when you can get it IRL?

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