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17 things that happened 10 years ago this year


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From the songs of your childhood to classic TV shows that you couldn't appreciate at the time, there are plenty of great things turning ten in 2017.

Yes, there are also some things you probably wish you could forget, but that was 2007 for you. So here's a list of 17 things that entered our lives in 2007.

1. Barack Obama announced he would run for president

Standing before a cheering crowd of fellow Illinoisans, a young, unknown senator named Barack Obama declared that he was going to run for president of the United States. Like many speeches Obama would give over the next eight years, it was memorable and excellently delivered, standing long in the memory of those who witnessed it. Within two years, he’d be the leader of the free world, and it all started here.

2. Donald Trump took part in Wrestlemania 23

As America’s 44th president was taking his first steps towards the White House, president number 45 was starting a rather different chapter in his life. Facing off against the chairman of WWE, Vince McMahon, in what was billed as the ‘Battle of the Billionaires’, both men were represented by professional wrestlers.

When McMahon’s wrestler lost, Trump got to shave off McMahon’s hair live on TV. But just to ensure Trump didn’t get too cocky over his victory, he then got kicked in the balls and taken down by the referee. At least the Republicans never tried that against Obama.

3. The last Harry Potter book was published

Released in almost 100 countries and selling over 20 copies per second on its first day of release in the UK, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was the darkest and most serious of the Potter books, as well as J. K. Rowling’s favourite. It had everything fans could hope for: a villain at the peak of his powers, one final, tremendous battle between good and evil, and quite a lot of camping. Best of all, it was all in a single book, not split into two to boost profits. Because why would they do that?

4. Loads of surprising things happened in football 

Man City finished four points above the relegation zone, Bolton qualified for the Europa League and Benni McCarthy of Blackburn Rovers finished the season with more Premier League goals than Christiano Ronaldo. Oh, and Peter Crouch appeared in the Champions League final.

Wow - a decade's a long time in football.

5. Tony Blair quit and Gordon Brown became our PM

As Chancellor under the Blair years, he was heralded as brilliant and dependable. Then his boss stepped down and he became Prime Minister. Suddenly the compliments died down. He lasted just three years before being booted out in favour of the one thing British people would view as even more disappointing: a coalition.

6. Kanye West Graduated

These days, liking Kanye West’s music often gets you side-eye that even Bernie Sanders would think was too much. Not back in 2007 though. This was the year Ye released Graduation, the album that killed Gangsta Rap, gave the world Stronger and sold almost a million records in a week. Not bad for an album with a cartoon bear on the cover.

7. Umbrella, ella, ella was released

It could have been released 1,000 years ago and you’d still be able to sing alone to that last bit in the chorus. Case in point: I don’t think I’ve heard the song since about 2009, but it all came rushing back when I rediscovered it writing this article.

8. Ditto that bloody annoying Ruby song

Everybody’s favourite rock song of 2007 quickly drove most of the world mad with its maddening chants of “Ruby Ruby Ruby Rubaaay, ahaa-ahaa-ahaaaa”. But no matter, because it gave the Kaiser Chiefs their first, and so far only, number-one single in the UK. But don’t let that trick you into listening to it again; your brain deserves to be kept far away from this track.

9. Justin Bieber’s first YouTube video came into existence

Before he sold 100 million records, got arrested or completely reinvented himself and dropped probably the best song of 2015, Justin Bieber was just a 12-year-old kid posting homemade videos of his singing on YouTube. His very first video was a cover of ‘So Sick’ by Ne-Yo, which has now been viewed over eight million times.

10. Arctic Monkey's Favourite Worst Nightmare was also released

The release of their debut album had made the Arctic Monkeys a household name, but they were now facing a problem. How could they top their first effort, an album that couldn’t have garnered better reviews and sold more copies if it had simultaneously brought peace to the world and dropped the price of Freddos back down to 10p?

The answer was Favourite Worst Nightmare. If Whatever People Say I Am is The Godfather, Favourite Worst Nightmare is The Godfather Part II: that they're both incredible, but the sequel is so good you're not considered crazy if you say it’s even better than the original.

11. Hot Fuzz appeared in cinemas 

The second, and arguably the best, of Edgar Wright’s ‘Cornetto Trilogy’, Hot Fuzz takes the standard buddy cop film and flips it on its head. When Nicholas Angel, London’s greatest cop, is forced to move to the nicest village in Britain, he quickly uncovers what seems to be a serial killer hidden in its sleepy midst. With the help of an idiot and a load of guns, he will inadvertently create the funniest film ever to feature several violent murders and a rebellious swan.

12. Keeping up with the Kardashians became a thing

The first season of the infamous reality show gave fans a nine-year-old Kylie Jenner slut dropping and her mum Kris ‘accidentally’ hiring a pornstar as a nanny, amongst other classic scenes. Depending on where you fall on the subject, it’s either a feat of brilliance or the first sign of the apocalypse that this walking cliché of a TV show has made it to its tenth birthday.

13. Also, Transformers

Back when the series hadn’t quite become so well known for over-the-top explosions and ridiculous dialogue, the first Transformers film was received relatively well by critics and still made over $700 million at the box office. Compared to its sequels, it’s the Citizen Kane of transforming robot films.

14. And also, Mad Men

Set in the 60s and going out of its way to show viewers that there was very little actual swinging, Mad Men is one of the great American period dramas. The writing was smart and the acting put Pacino to shame, but the star of the show was easily Don Draper. A mysterious genius with a penchant for cigarettes and sharp suits, he's gone down in pop culture history as one of the coolest characters ever created.


15. And The Big Bang Theory

Now in its 10th season but still coasting off the first five, the first season of The Big Bang Theory introduced us to all the characters we know and love. Compared to storylines about Howard going into space or Sheldon having sex with another human being, season one kept it nice and simple, offering viewers a chance to see Sheldon get ill and Raj get drunk. 

16. AND Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Called the best in the series by people who know how to play it, COD 4 redefined the first-person shooter genre, was the best-selling game of 2007 and received critical acclaim from just about everybody who called themselves a game reviewer. For the first time in the series, the story was set in the modern world, giving players access to night vision, C4 and the Barrett .50cal sniper rifle, the latter of which is the only gun you want to be using when a juggernaut’s chasing after you.

17. We bought the very first iPhone

Not quite the first smartphone, but the first one people actually wanted. The first iPhone was fitted with a 2MP camera, had no 3G and couldn’t record video. Like the Ford Model T, customers could have any colour they wanted as long as they wanted black, and like the Model T, it changed the world forever.

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