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11 upsides to 2016 suggested by Twitter which may put things into perspective


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The year 2016 has become synonymous with the occurrence of bad or unpleasant things.

Whether your favourite celebrity died or your least favourite one won the top job in the biggest economy on earth it’s likely had some downsides – but have no fear.

Here’s some of 2016′s upsides the public have been sharing on Twitter, some of which may just put things in perspective.

This woman won her fight against cancer

While this woman happily lost something

These two got married

But for others the love was just starting

Plus the TV was good

And on TV the celebs were invincible

There were some big movies as well

And some great music to comfort us

Oh and this person got good at making bread

And just in case you still aren’t convinced…

You didn’t die

And it’s almost over…

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