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We went to a rave in an ice cave in Sheffield


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Coors Light took their ice cave rave to Sheffield last week, offering a brisk brew to everyone who wanted to get their rave on - and it definitely didn’t disappoint.

From the staff to the drinks, and even the freezing fingertips we were left with, the "ice cave rave" was exactly what it promised.

After getting acquainted with what seemed like the friendliest staff to ever exist, it was time to get kitted out with the arctic inspired ponchos that act as a buffer from the crisp conditions that make the ice cave that more bit realistic.


When in the cave itself, the atmosphere was far from frosty. The DJs ensured that the bar was banging and the bar staff kept the drinks flowing, all making for the most insane experience you're ever likely to get in Sheffield. With the music playing and the staff making you feel right at home, it seemed impossible not to nod your head and move your feet (also, it's a good way to keep yourself warm!)

Something insanely quirky about my visit to the ice cave and perhaps my favourite thing about the experience was the Gif Generator that was set up to encourage the most erratic and outrageous behaviour - all to be captured into a couple-of-second video that was to be a momentum of the time there. Along with this was the deal that when posting a picture to your Instagram page the cave would print it for you free of charge. This just served as another reminder of an experience I will surely not forget.

Now, when you think of an ice rave sponsored by Coors Light, you may assume that all that is on offer is, well, Coors Light. Yet I was left pleasantly surprised when I was met with the array of drinks they had to try. Of course there was lager (a given) but a cocktail menu that consisted of Gin Glacier, Rocky Mountain Sour and Mountain Deer all obviously stuck with the theme and tasted delicious.

The cave rave launched on 15th September and is free to enter from noon till 10pm until 25th September. So if you want to chill with a Coors Light, or kick back with a cocktail, then heading over to the ice cave rave is something that won’t be regretted.

So get yourself down to the coolest bar in town and give summer a good send off!

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