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12 things you DON'T need to take to uni


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With A-Level results right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about packing up bedrooms into boxes and trips to IKEA for towels and tupperware.

There’s plenty of info about the obvious things to take to university: cutlery, a duvet, a pack of cards; but its all too common for an excited fresher to over pack.

Seriously, nobody needs a twelve-piece dinner set taking up all their cupboard space, or eight toasters spread across the kitchen counters.

Here’s some things you’re probably better off not trying to squeeze into a suitcase.

Food. This one probably goes without saying, but just get it when you get there. It’s unnecessary space taken up in the car and most halls have a Tesco Express, Sainsburys Local or the likes around the corner from them.

• Tea towels. No flat needs sixteen tea towels. Buy a couple as a flat when you get there. The ones that get thrown to the bottom of the pile and never used will get crusty and disgusting.

Various kitchen tools like spatulas, whisks and cheese graters that aren’t used that often. Unless your flat are all planning on whisking, grating or spreading at the same time, they can be shared.

A boxed dinner set. Unless you’re planning on partaking in Come Dine With Me. Just go to IKEA, grab two bowls and two plates, two forks, two knives, two spoons so one can be in the wash while you eat with the other.

Different styles of glasses. You actually can drink wine from a tumbler and as a student it’s unlikely you’ll be popping a bottle of champagne that warrants a flute.

A toaster and a kettle. Some people do prefer to have a kettle in their bedroom however if you’re planning on putting it in the kitchen, just get a cheap one from Wilkinson with your flatmates when you get there. The same goes for a toaster. 

All of your clothes. When you go in September, bring clothes you’ll need until Christmas. Then take them home at Christmas, swap them over for Spring clothes, then at Easter bring back a couple of Summer clothes (but don’t get too optimistic, this is Britain…). It’s highly unlikely you’ll need all your jumpers, shorts, four different pyjama sets, a ski jacket and flip flops within a term. 

An iron and ironing board. Some halls provide them anyway, however I’ve personally never met a student who ironed. Just hang it up in your bathroom while you shower, use a hairdryer or wear it a bit creased. Who cares?

All the decorations from your bedroom at home. As much as it’s important to try and make yourself at home in your university space with fairy lights and pictures and the likes, nothing feels worse than coming back home for the first time to a cold, empty, stripped down bedroom.

Bath mats. This only really applies to shared bathrooms as you will obviously need one for your en suite, but this is something you can buy when you get there as a flat. Unless you’re a fan of a multicoloured, uneven, carpeted bathroom floor.

Soap dispenser. I made this mistake. It went manky. Just keep the soap in the dispenser it comes in. These are student halls, not The Ritz, you don’t need to be that fancy.

Laundry bin. These take up so much space and it’s likely your bedroom isn’t going to be that big. I was lucky enough to have a spare drawer last year so I put my clothes that needed washing in there, and then took them down to the laundry room in a Tesco Bag For Life.

You’ll be able to pick up a lot of stuff at freshers fairs, too. Pencils, pens, rubbers, tote bags, tampons and condoms just to name a few of the things shoved into the hands of freshers within the first couple of weeks of uni.

And if there ever is anything you’ve forgotten, you can buy one, get your mum to post one, or borrow your mate’s one.

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