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How the beauty industry has embraced the online world


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Over the past few years social media has been on the rise and it has come to dominate all industries. For many people and businesses, belonging to social media platforms is all too common: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube have over a billion users combined, and in the next few years social media will continue to grow.

One industry that has embraced these emerging online worlds is the beauty industry. Online platforms have given beauty bloggers, vloggers, up-and-coming makeup- artists and cosmetic fanatics a platform on which to showcase their skills and put their work in the spotlight. Beauty bloggers can post reviews on cosmetics, whereas in the past beauty magazine writers were the go-to people for beauty reviews. Vloggers try out beauty products and post beauty tutorials, and aspiring make-up artists can create and re-create looks as well as experimenting with make-up and building up their profiles and portfolios.

Social media has changed the landscape of the beauty industry; a new wave of stars such as Zoella, Tanya Burr and Samantha Maria (aka Beautycrush) has been created. Through the online world many people have come to realise that you don’t need to be an expert in order to successfully achieve a career in beauty – all you need is the passion, enthusiasm and love for cosmetics.

Beauty brands have also caught onto the power of social media. Most beauty brands utilise social media in order to connect with consumers, as well as using social media channels as platforms for advertising, marketing and promotion. But they also recognise that the social media channels of their fans can be just as powerful – the online world gives consumers the chance to interact with others and create their own online community.

Brands are therefore using the online space to show their appreciation for their supporters. NYX UK Cosmetics in particular has been successful in creating a strong community of NYX fans and beauty lovers without compromising the individual followings of these individuals; the NYX FACE Awards, for example, is a clear sign of how far the beauty industry has come in embracing the emergence of online worlds, something that a lot of industries either still have yet to do or are struggling to grasp. The awards draw attention to the best unsung talent on the internet, with members of the public voting for their favourite contestants and the winner being granted the chance to enter the main NYX FACE Awards in Los Angeles, California.

The online world has made the beauty industry accessible to all so it’s inclusive, not exclusive. As well as creating a thriving community of beauty lovers, online platforms have created unity between straight consumers, bloggers, vloggers and brands – it connects professionals and non-professionals alike.

While many industries still struggle to keep up with the pace of social media, the beauty industry has adapted perfectly to the emerging online world, and in the next few years it shall continue to do so. As a result, the beauty communities - which includes beauty lovers, consumers, bloggers, vloggers, writers, journalists, make-up artists and brands - shall continue to grow, progress and thrive.

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