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It’s your last chance to tell us what you’d do for £1000 (and have a chance to win the money)

20th May 2016
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Students are an adventurous (and skint) bunch. With this in mind, social messaging app Yubl has kindly agreed to pay for an end of term blowout – in return for a favour, of course.

In hot pursuit of £1,000, students have been sharing what they’d do for a grand on Yubl all week. And let us tell you – it’s been enlightening.

There have been death defying leaps:

There have been nippy encounters:

There have been slut drops:

And dangerously placed balls:

And poor life choices:

And highly nutritious snacks:

Someone promised themselves a zingy mouthful:

And someone else thought they might try and change species:

We’re not sure what’s happening here...

Still, eyebrows continued to be a theme:

Someone else went batshit MENTAL:  

Someone else staged a minor act of academic rebellion:

And someone else saw an opportunity for a bit of exhibitionism:

There have been naked surfers:

And tiny monkeys playing sport!

And apocalyptic situations:

And itchy hands:

We scaled great heights:

(More than once...)

And in the end, made some really worthwhile choices:

And some not so great ones:

But in the end, I think we can all agree on one thing – that it’s been an emotional rollercoaster for all of us:

Hope you can beat that – because if you want to win a grand, you’ve only got this weekend.

What would you do for a grand? Download Yubl, upload your image, add a quick description of your idea, add a “see who agrees" button and the “I would for a grand” sticker. After you’ve posted it into ‘YOUR FEED', you need to get as many of your friends to interact with it (so get them to download Yubl too). The more people you get to tap the button in your post the more chance you have of winning. Good luck!

Yubl on the App Store: Download here.

Yubl on Google Play: Download here.


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