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Students are sharing what they’d do for £1,000 and it’s legitimately scary

17th May 2016
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New social messaging app Yubl is asking students what they’d do for a grand, and they’re not disappointing with their answers.

From walking a tightrope across a canyon to spending some quality time with a snake/bottle of Tabasco/grub worm, we can safely say that we’re not half as brave as these intrepid humans claim to be.

Along the way, we’ve also encountered a Game of Thrones level of flasher, a wannabe Britney circa 2007, and a few people who are clearly harbouring ambitions to be allowed into a certain celebrity jungle.

Join us on this journey, during which you must ask yourself the world’s most important question: what would you do for a grand? And are you, in fact, as brave as these people?

It started off pretty sedate:

And a little bit mucky:

And a little bit... nippy:

And then got a little bit more (hypothetically, at least) scary:

And quite a lot more painful:

And a bit hotter:

Cersei, is that you?

We think this person misunderstood the task:

And this one went for a 00s approach:

This one looks quite nice:

But this one is giving us the chills:

We hardly dare look at this one:

What are you trying to do to us, Yubl?


You... we don't believe you.

Or you.

To be fair, we might even pay. Look at that puggy face!

What would you do for a grand? Download Yubl, upload your image, add a quick description of your idea, add a “see who agrees" button and the “I would for a grand” sticker. After you’ve posted it into ‘YOUR FEED', you need to get as many of your friends to interact with it (so get them to download Yubl too). The more people you get to tap the button in your post the more chance you have of winning. Good luck!

Yubl on the App Store: Download here.

Yubl on Google Play: Download here.


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