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5 top tips for sticking to your Dry January resolution


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So the first week was easy enough. Once you’d drunk the last of the champagne at 3am on New Year’s morning (which definitely didn’t count by the way), and meticulously distributed the remaining Christmas bottles as belated gifts to those friends you didn’t see and forgot to buy for, the whole wine o’clock thing faded quite readily from your quenched mind. But we’re moving into the second week of January… work and school are well and truly happening, and you’re already beginning to crave a little liquid-stress-reliever.

The doubts are steadily creeping in as the hazy cloud which hung over you throughout December lifts, and is replaced by an all too clear-a-view of the responsibilities in your sober life. You’re beginning to wonder why you ever considered giving up your favourite support mechanism.

But at the same time, are you not feeling a little more lively as you jump (well perhaps not jump) out from your duvet before midday? Is it not satisfying to get to three o’clock and to have finished all your chores? And how about that extra packet of crisps you don’t have to feel guilty for with the lack of liquid calories? Well, if you think the benefits of a dry January outweigh the risks then keep reading, because we have some top tips which might just keep you in-line until your inevitable February booze-up!


Top Tip #1

Don’t, under any circumstances, even if it was an AMAZING offer, have alchohol in the house! Classic mistake. If you haven’t already donated your bottles to friends or given them to your parents for safe keeping then do so. If it’s not there you can’t drink it.


Top Tip #2

Combine your staying dry resolution with getting to bed earlier. We all know that temptation is harder to refuse late at night, so even if you have a cheeky bottle stashed somewhere, you’re far more likely to forgo that ‘but I’ve been so good’ nightcap if you bring your bedtime forward by as little as an hour. And just think of the extra benefits you’re getting from that extra hours rest!


Top Tip #3

Find a non-alcohol alternative to your evening drink. For some people this might be an actual alchohol alternative like alcohol-free wine, for example, or tonic and lemon just without the gin. But for others these alternatives might just be a little too close for comfort. So if that’s you how about a glass of milk? A homemade smoothie? Or maybe a simple decaf tea or coffee is more your thing? is there a flavoured tea you could try out? My personal favourite is the hot chocolate. Hot chocolate with marshmallows – and though this may sound like an unhealthy substitute, there are plenty of low calorie powders which won’t add a fraction of what’s in your usual Bailey’s.


Top Tip #4

Save the alcohol money. Just think of all that money you’re saving on alchohol by going dry for a whole month. If you’re struggling to keep yourself motivated try setting up a jar where you can tuck that cash you would usually spend each week on alcohol, and then at the end of the month you’ll have a nice little sum to spend on yourself.


Top Tip #5

Set up a series of distractions. Why not treat yourself with an alternative luxury. Take a bath, read one of those Christmas books you always stash away on a dusty shelf, or start a TV series that you can watch in bed each night.  Another good alternative is of course exercise. Try out an evening class at your local fitness centre, have an evening swim or go for a run round the block. After all, if you’re going to kick-start a healthy January with no alcohol, you may as well do the whole shebang!


Top Tip #5

Don’t let one mistake ruin your self-control. So what if you had a glass at the pub the other night? It was your best mate’s birthday, you’d had a bad day at work; it's not the end of the world. Just don’t let it set a bad tone for the rest of the month.


Take on board one or more of these little tips to help keep yourself in-line this January and who knows - you may even feel the benefits!


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