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Boxing: Are you ready to hit up 2016's most fashionable fitness craze?


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Welcome to 2016! It’s that time of year once again. January - time for a change, a ‘new you’. Who will you be this year? You start to fashion that healthier lifestyle. Can’t wait to get back into a regular exercise regime. You plan to drop a dress size and look forward to that post-work-out buzz.

So you go back to your weekly cardio class featuring the same old faces and only a slight variation on last year’s routine. The gym is full of middle aged dears trying too late to save their waistlines, and the street is so swamped with new pairs of sneakers that you can barely walk let alone hold a steady jog.

Zumba is SO last year and HIIT has died a death. What you need is something new. But what else is there?

Well stop your twitching, I am here to quell your qualms and dry out (at least for the time being) those nervous sweats by telling you that there’s a new fitness craze on the rise. And, already punching high with New York’s resident supermodel community, this one is a guaranteed winner.

But I’m not strong enough, I hear you say. I don’t have any upper body strength. I haven’t punched anything in my life. Well, guess what? Boxing is not all about throwing punches. There're a lot of elements to a boxer's training regime including balance and coordination, focusing on the core; stamina and cardio; as well as good the old-fashioned strength training. In short, boxing really does provide the best all round body conditioning possible – and, BONUS, it couldn’t be further from that boring Zumba routine you’ve been hacking at for over a year!

So how do you get started? Simple. Do a quick search for boxing clubs in your area, you’d be surprised - they’re more popular than you’d think and, ladies, you’ll find that many of them already do female classes. And if you're still a campus resident your student union is almost certain to run one. The most important thing is, of course, to make sure you choose the class for you. If you’re a beginner, need I say it, do start as a beginner. And have fun with it! There’s no pressure to box competitively. Boxing really is fast looking to become a popular form of fitness training as much as it is a competitive sport. All you need is some flexible clothing and a decent set of fists and you’re all set to hit up this high fashion Supermodel trend.

And hey, this time next year you could be as kick-ass as Gigi!

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