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Starting University: The 7 things I missed most about home


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This freshers' week thousands of students will be heading to university for the first time, with many more returning to continue their studies. While many students won't feel homesick, there are some undeniable perks to living at home which it can be hard not to miss while at uni.  

1. Being able to buy all the ingredients for a recipe

My university culinary experience often involved paring a recipe down to it's bare essentials. Chilli needs mincemeat and chilli powder, pasta just needs some grated cheese. 

Luckily being at home I can reward my beleagured tastbuds for their patience by buying every single item on the list. Even the ginger, which I'm not sure is all that necessary. 

2. Turning on the heating with less guilt

I can't be the only student to have sat in my room and realised that I can see my own breath. Unless you are fortunate enough to matriculate in warmer climates you will be aware of the intense cold that inevitably creeps into the bedrooms of students. 

While almost all student flats presuamably have some form of heating, designed for the very moment when a double duvet and four blankets can't quite get the job done, the chances of a boiler being turned on for long periods of time can be pretty slim. 

That is why being home can be fantastic, my parents have served their time in cold, grimy student flats and they now prefer living their lives at a more ambient room temperature, which suits me just fine. 

3. Pets of my very own

Personally I am one of those people that will cross the road just to say hi to a cute cat, and a tiny fluffy doggy will always have a place in my heart. 

But none of these can ever replace my two cats, partly because I can't spend hours jut chilling with a cat I meet in the street; it would look pretty weird. 

4. A garden that isn't shared with 50 other people

A communal garden can be a wonderful thing. Impromptu BBQs, games of football, a constant faint smell of weed, these are some of the things that Lou Reed was thinking about when he wrote 'Perfect Day'.

Despite this, going home to an empty garden can be a strangely peaceful and serene experience. Nothing but you and the clouds, and the distant sound of traffic. 

5. A double bed

I'm sure there are people at home with a single bed, and some lucky beggers at uni with a double bed, but for most of us a trip home means being able to majestically starfish without accidentally punching a wall then falling onto the floor. 

6. A big TV, and a PS3

You may have had the luxury of taking your games console of choice to university, but I was guilt-tripped into leaving mine by a family that had grown too fond of big-screen Netflix.

This now means that coming home is a chance to frantically sink some English ships in Black Flag and run around lost like a headless chicken on Far Cry 3, in other words: heaven. 

7. My family, obviously

It should go without saying, but not saying it can make you look slightly heartless. 

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