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Student Safety: Staying Safe in London in winter


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The UK is a safe place to study, and even in the big, main cities like London most students, as long as they’re sensible and protect their possessions, will have few problems when it comes to crime.

However, there can of course sometimes be slight problems, just like in any major worldwide city. Therefore, taking a few precautions to stay safe is never a bad idea, especially with winter coming; bringing in the darker nights and shorter days. Here are some tips to get you started, to help you feel safe and secure this winter in London.

Keep your valuables safe and discreet

Walking around with your flashy iPhone in hand is rarely advisable, so a good rule is to keep things hidden from view. Likewise, remain alert by avoiding listening to loud music in your ear phones when walking, especially when you’re alone.

Avoid going home alone at night

Going home alone at night is not advisable anywhere really when it can be avoided, although of course it can’t always be avoided. Always try to go home with friends or housemates if you can. If there is really no alternative, ensure you travel home on main, busy roads where possible rather than quieter routes home.

Use taxis where possible

Likewise, use taxis to get home if that’s an option as this can be a really good and safe way to get home (and often the quickest, too). Never get in an unlicensed taxi – always book before you get in one, or get into a licensed black cab. Never get in a taxi where the driver asks you if you want a lift, as this is illegal.

Stay safe in your accommodation

Most good companies like Urbanest will provide contents insurance as part of their tenancy/rent agreement, and this is really useful for your peace of mind when it comes to keeping your things safe. If it’s not part of your rent, it’s a really good idea to look into getting contents insurance. Also, remember key, common sense things like keeping doors and windows locked when you leave or when you’re home alone, too.

Stick with your friends

Stick with your friends where you can as there’s truth in the phrase that there’s safety in numbers. Aim to travel to and from places with your friends as this can make you a lot less vulnerable to opportunist thieves.

Drink responsibly

We’ve all been there where we’ve been a little worse for wear and aren’t at our brightest when it comes to being in control of the situation. It’s no surprise that this isn’t a great idea, especially in a major city or if you’re on your own, or just with one or two other people who are also drinking a lot. Know your limits and read up on some advice on responsible alcohol consumption.

Know important contact details

Particularly if you are an international student, it’s a really good idea to get to know important contact details should you need some assistance from the relevant authorities. There’s a good guide to this here that’s well worth checking out.

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