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Time for a pre-work rave! Morning Gloryville hits West London

6th August 2014

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This morning was our second Morning Gloryville experience – and if you’re a Londoner and you don’t know what that is, well, you really need to wake up and enlighten yourself to the joys of sober raving at 6 o’clock in the morning.

East London’s glitteriest morning workout (read more about it here) has decamped westward and pitched up at MODE in Notting Hill, and we celebratedby making our way there at 6.30am today in a quest for some promised early morning rave-induced endorphins.

In typical West London fashion MODE, on Acklam Road, is more polished than might be expected (Morning Gloryville’s first incarnation was in a warehouse off Hackney Road) even if it's still under a railway bridge - well, all the good things are in the arches these days, aren't they?

This location is much smaller than the Oval Space, where we first experienced morning raving before the sun came up back in January, and there's a cloakroom, which is welcome, because let’s face it – we’re going to have to swap our early morning raving gear for depressing office-wear once we’ve left this happy and bouncing space behind.



























It’s the second time Morning Gloryville has pitched up in West London, and it’s doing well – even if it might seem like the vibz are more likely to be at home further east. Obviously Morning Gloryville’s founders believe West Londoners need a chance to join the Wednesday morning raveolution (see what they did there?!) too, and they’d be right – there might be fewer survivors from the previous night in Notting Hill this morning than there were in Bethnal Green, but there is still the eclectic collection of dedicated ravers in neon sportswear, general hipsters, and parents with ear-muffed small children.















We even spot a middle-aged mother bopping along with her pre-teen son, which is one pretty unique way to start your summer holiday and one that we’d recommend, should you have despondent teenage siblings hanging around the house.

West London's early morning ravers have no less energy than those in Bethnal Green - but there are definitely less glitter and feathers floating around than before. If you need a break from the music you can head upstairs for some yoga, which is a good contrast to the phenomenal amount of bouncing that is going on on the dancefloor, or grab a quick massage.














Refreshments are on hand from raw food specialists Nama, who provide coconut water, smoothies and some (obviously raw) and as yet unidentifiable 'sweet treats':

















And from Coffee geek and friends, who bring the much needed croissants and orange juice:



























Morning Gloryville has proved so popular in London that it’s now rolling out across the world, and it’s an impressive list of cities that it has in its sights: Brighton, Dublin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Zurich, New York, Paris, Sydney, Tokyo, San Francisco and even Bangalore are about to get hit with the morning rave bug, if they haven’t already.  

In January we might have wondered whether Morning Gloryville could keep up the momentum, once everyone's New Year good intentions/dry January health kicks had ended - but this is London, where we turn fads into traditions, and after one year of its existence I think we now have a very clear answer.















So, if you haven’t already, it’s time to join the morning rave - it's the very best way to get your body working before 8am, especially if you're craving a break from the duller than its possible to explain gym routine. Which we know you are...

Good day, and good vibes to you all!  























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