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21st Century Loving: 5 reasons to get online


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In what must truly be a match made in heaven, online dating and outrageous profits have locked hands and are wandering dotingly into a pixelated sunset punctuated only by the ones and zeros of countless, unsuccessful binary relationships. And that is, of course, thanks to you; the millions of online daters who have signed up in droves with the earnest hope of finding anything from a casual fling to a life-long partner.

However, all floppy disk and firmware euphemisms aside, the industry is positively booming and more people are looking for online love than ever before. Refreshingly, the stigma associated with online dating is now nothing more than a social relic akin to earliest room-sized computers or tape-loading PCs – meaning that there has never been a better time to start browsing the (literally) millions of potential data-sets ... sorry; dates.

Having said this, not everyone is convinced that navigating the amorous online world is a guarantee of future happiness. Here then, for all of you technophobes out there, we look at some of the benefits of finding love in the digital realm.

  • Avoid Having To Go For Drinks. And simply skip the whole "bar scene”. One      of the instant attractions of online dating, or dating apps such as iLove, is      the easy accessibility that allows you to search for a date whilst at home      – or anywhere else you find convenient. In fact, making first contact is      usually as simple as sending a nicely worded message to your potential      beaux – however, avoiding cliched one-liners is      equally important in the online world as it is in your local bar. Of      course, for those of us who enjoy a drink, the advent of smart phones      means you can enjoy a nice glass of irony in your local bar whilst      searching for your next online date.
  • Knowing Me, Knowing You. Unlike Facebook,      learning everything you can about a person through their online profile is      positively encouraged. In fact, online dating apps allow you to match your      interests with those of another with relative ease – meaning you no longer      have to become emotionally involved with someone before you uncover their      latent obsession with the Eurovision Song Contest or some other such      horror. Having said this, it takes all kinds, so if Eurovision is your      thing then you'll be in good company.
  • Time is Money. For the      career minded workaholics of the world (or indeed, conscientious students),      the dating scene may simply be too time consuming. Online dating allows      you to quickly find your next potential partner with ruthless,      business-like efficiency, whilst still allowing time for you to finish      that all-important spreadsheet. In fact, before you know it, you'll be      scheduling a weeks worth of dates in Google Calender – all timed perfectly      with your busy professional schedule.
  • Money is Money. While      we're on the subject, online dating can also save you cash in the long run. You can get to know a whole      host of potential partners through flirtatious emails without expensive      (and pointless) dinners and dates in order to narrow down your final      choice. Then you can afford to splash the cash in order to impress the      real-world equivalent of that attractive avatar you've been speaking to      during the previous months. Bargain!
  • Reject Rejection. For the less confident amongst us, approaching strangers with an eye for l'amour can be hugely intimidating – often leading to feelings of rejection and unworthiness. Poor souls. However, with a wonder wall of anonymity inherent within the world of online dating, this whole process can be avoided. Online dating allows users to employ all of the charm and wit they can muster from a safe distance. In fact, the closest you will probably come to rejection is an empty inbox on a Monday morning. However, keep plugging away and you're bound to find your perfect match.

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