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10 Ways to Survive Moving Back in with Mum and Dad

4th April 2014

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For many students, going to university means one thing above all else – not living with mum and dad.

Even if you have a great relationship with them, it’s natural to find that having had a taste of delicious freedom moving back in with the ‘rents, however temporarily, can be a little difficult to say the least. If you’re having trouble already this Easter, here are 10 ways to survive moving back in with mum and dad.

1. Think of the money

Chances are that if you’re living with mum and dad you’ll be spending less than you would be otherwise. While avarice isn’t an attractive quality, there’s nothing wrong with focusing on the money you’ll be saving and dreaming of the ways you’ll spend it.

2. Respect the house rules

You might not like the fact that you have to be home by midnight or can’t eat dinner in your bed while at home, but if you want a peaceful life you’d best stick to the rules.

3. Invest in some decent headphones

While your uni housemates might not have too many objections about the volume at which you blast your music, mum and dad aren’t likely to be so forgiving. Your options: keep it quiet or buy a pair of headphones. You don’t need to get the super expensive pair you see every footballer and pop star sporting – but if you love your music and want a high quality sound experience you will have to shell out a bit.

4. Charm the pants off them

You’ve become accustomed to tidying up after yourself, doing the occasional bit of cooking and separating colours from whites, so why not show your parents how much you’ve matured by chipping in and helping wherever possible. If you’re lucky they’ll reward your ability to be a contributory force for good by giving you a bit more leeway should you stir from your slumber one Sunday afternoon with an almighty hangover. Which brings us to tip 5:

5. Don’t get a hangover

This one’s a toughie, particularly because having not seen many of your old friends for so long you’ll naturally want to have a night out with them and it will probably involve Jägerbombsand strawpedos and awful selfies that no amount of filtering and tilt shifting will ever salvage. However, you should be aware that should you drink to excess your usual hangover routine of moping about in your pyjamas, vowing to never drink again and vomiting into the toilet might not be so well tolerated at home. Cue a lecture from your dad about needing to learn lessons they just don’t teach you at university…

6. Eat your vegetables

Forget about surviving living at home with your parents, eating your vegetables will help you survive full stop. Plus, you’re not five anymore, do you really need your parents telling you that you can’t leave the dinner table until you’ve finished your peas?

7.Pet your pet

There’s a reason cats and dogs are regularly found in nursing homes – studies have shown they lower blood pressure and relieve depression in elderly residents. So if living with mum and dad is driving you up the wall spend a little extra time with Fido or Felix and you’ll no doubt feel relaxed before long. No pet of your own? Simply visit the local animal shelter.   

8. Take joy in the little things

Central heating that stays on for more than an hour a day. Real Heinz tomato ketchup instead of Aldi’s cheap own brand stuff. A bathroom that isn’t covered with mould. If you find yourself calculating the minutes until your return to campus take a deep breath and think of all the little things that you’ll soon be missing.

9. Keep yourself entertained

In between dealing with parents, writing essays and studying for exams you’re going to need some downtime. Devices like Chromecast or Apple TV allow you to watch things like YouTube, Netflix and iPlayer on your television, streamed directly from your laptop, smartphone or tablet. If you don’t have these fancy gadgets a cup and ball/stick and hoop can also provide literally seconds of enjoyment.

10. Pitch a tent in the garden

Having friends over whenever you want, throwing last-minute house parties, and agreeing with housemates to never mention those times you frogmarched someone out of your front door the morning after the night before are just some of the joys of having a home of your own. Recreate this sense of freedom by pitching a tent in the garden and playing house, just like when you were younger.

So there you have it 10 ways to survive living at home with your parents. Have any that you’d like to add?

Written by Ben Skinner of the free online competition site MyOffers. To have a chance at winning gadgets that make life easier to survive visit them at

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