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30 annoying habits you need to change before next term

19th March 2014

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Unless you want to end up a lazy, socially confused, sweatpants-wearing stereotype. With a third. And a significant food baby.

(Come on now. You’re better than this.)

1. Using procrastination as an excuse for everything.


2. Genuinely believing that you’re busy, and telling everyone who’ll listen exactly how busy you are...

3. But sleeping until 10.30am every day.

4. Pretending you’re going to fail when what you actually mean is that you’ll probably get a 63 rather than a 67 on this one essay.

4. Worrying.

6. Complaining.

7. Dithering.

8. Bitching about being hungover.

9. Binge-eating complete crap and wondering why you’re feeling ill all the time.

10. Spending hours tentatively trawling through job sites but never quite managing to apply for anything at all.

11. Avoiding thinking about what’s next.

12. Shouting about how there are no jobs for graduates (there are jobs for graduates.)

13. Wearing the same pyjama bottoms for three days straight because you haven’t felt the need to leave the flat.

14. Engaging in ‘banter.’

15. Using the word ‘banter.’

16. Not risking messing up because you’re worried about looking stupid.

17. Wearing ‘ironic’ fancy dress with the sole purposes of causing momentary mock outrage and hoping to reach the Daily Mail homepage.

18. Thinking student politics is important. Student politics is not important.

19. Knowing nothing about current affairs.

20. Knowing nothing about films that came out before you were born.

21. Knowing nothing about the rest of the country, outside of where you grew up and where you go to uni (90% of all southerners – I’m looking at you.) 

22. Taking selfies.

23. Instagramming your lunch, unless your name is Nigella. If it is, go ahead.

24. Not being able to spell, punctuate or tell the difference between YOU and YOU’RE. YOU’RE DOING A DEGREE.

25. Having zero confidence in your abilities.

26. Feeling like your dissertation grade is the epitome of all life.

27. Not washing your face after nights out.

28. Ditto brushing your teeth.

29. Being closed to opinions that are directly opposed to your own. 

30. Being bored. You shouldn’t have the time.

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