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Top 50 life lessons learnt at university

10th March 2014

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Yes, we know that three or four years at university can equip you with a lot of skills: teamwork, communication, perseverance, etc... but also, it can teach you how to perform vital life tasks. Like: going three nights without sleep. Which dishes not to put in the microwave.  And (maybe most importantly of all) how to reuse takeaway containers.

In fact, there are 50 essential life lessons that you learn whilst at university, according to the 1,652 graduates surveyed.

The stats also show during that the first few months of uni students called home up to 20 times a month to ask for advice on how to do things - although this petered out as they grew more settled, and presumably as they learnt how to do all the things listed below.

Here’s the full list of top uni life lessons... which do you agree with?

(Also, just wait for number 50. It made us want to vomit.)


1. Budgeting and prioritising

2. Living with others

3. Doing a weekly food shop

4. Paying bills

5. Studying independently











6. Managing money

7. Making friends

8. Navigate your way around

9. House / flat hunting

10. Socialising with all sorts of people









11. Registering at the doctor or dentist

12. Turning up to lectures at the right time and in the right place

13. Appreciating home

14. Supermarket shopping

15. Coping without mum and dad









16. Skim reading long books

17. Pulling an all-night study session

18. Being considerate towards housemates

19. Using a washing machine

20. Going three nights with no sleep










21. Making spaghetti Bolognese

22. Using the library

23. Socialising in big groups

24. Cleaning

25. The effectiveness of a good nap









26. Writing footnotes

27. Looking for a job

28. Setting up the internet

29. Blagging essays

30. Being a good team player









31. That fridges don’t clean themselves

32. Using fridge space effectively

33. Making sure the house is securely locked / home security

34. Playing pool / pub games

35. Saving energy














36. Blagging ‘group discussions’

37. Getting to lectures in another part of town

38. Using top up gas or electric key

39. General DIY

40. How to use the bus









41. Setting up a television

42. Which dishes are and aren’t microwaveable

43. Sorting out the boiler

44. Sorting recycling

45. Building flat-pack furniture



















46. Making scrambled egg

47. Fire safety

48. How to re-use takeaway containers

49. How to turn on the cooker or grill

50. You can’t eat mould





















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