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This is where you probably want to work after graduation

20th February 2014

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A design company has revealed the optimum destination for job hunting graduates.

Literally – it has put together the most motivational office space, in the eyes of the UK’s next generation of professionals.

Well, you are going to be spending eight hours of your day there (minimum) – and if you don’t ask, there’s a chance you won’t get.

So, what would be in your dream office?

Maybe predictably, the majority (26%) want to work in a city, with an imposing cityscape right outside their window. In contrast, though, 25% would rather have a beach or a sea view – and 23% would choose either a forest or rolling countryside.

In the eyes of 27% of job hunting grads, the ideal office space includes a shared music system – although we think you’re being slightly optimistic about your future colleagues’ music preferences.

You’re also mostly expecting contemporary, colourful or ‘space age’ furniture (26%) and open work spaces with no partitioning between yourself and your colleagues (40%).

An anti-social 23%, however, would prefer “floor to ceiling partitioning between each employee.” Er, ok...

Overall, we think you can afford to be a bit more demanding in what you expect from a 21st Century professional office. We know one where there’s a fully stocked bar, a swing-seat, picnic tables, beanbags, an excess of plants, sofas for lunchtime powernaps and an indoor pond with genuine goldfish, for example.

(Yes – that is our office and yes, you should be jealous.)

Whilst you’re still job hunting/procrastinating on the internet, here are some other office spaces that will probably also cut the mustard. One of them is the actual perfect office, which has been helpfully visualised by although it’s up to you to guess which it is (and also, which is our very own HQ.) 

Answers on a virtual postcard.













































































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