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Fighting the Flab: Week 2


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It is only week 2 and I feel guilty. Really guilty.

I knew sticking to a strict diet was going to be hard but I didn't brace myself for the worst of it. Let me elaborate, dear reader:

Sunday 8th December:

I caved. Yes, I admit I sneaked a trip out to McDonalds with my friend, Rachel. I craved beef (ironically) and ordered two cheese burgers, fries and to top it all off, one large strawberry milkshake. For five full minutes I felt amazing, like heaven, like I was on cloud nine - only better. Then I felt guilty. In one instant, my whole life collapsed. For the rest of the night I didn't eat a thing. Overall? I feel grubbier than Kerry Katona's kitchen work surfaces. 

Monday 9th December:

I salivate whenever I walk past a bakery, a chipshop, or the delhi. This must be how Clare from Steps must feel whenever she goes back on one of her diets. Of course, I'm trying to maintain some of my willpower. But what could hurt, if I just sneak a cream cake? I won't though I promise! But the thoughts still pulsate through my mind. Instead I choose to snack on large rice cakes. My only snacks and to make up for the McDonalds I gorged on yesterday I work out that I could eat almost 67 rice cakes to equal Ronald McDonald. Why do people do this? It's torture!

Wednesday 11th December:

I hit the gym again! YAY for me, I guess! My personal trainer Tom Mosedale insists that unless anybody wishes to completely tone up, they MUST work all their body. What?! I can barely run on a treadmill, and now I'm expected to train hardcore like Madonna? We work on my legs, arms and abs. My stomach feels like Im poking a large loaf of cheap, white bread. The kind from Lidl. We do squats, lift weights, and do leg thrusts and more. Much more. Too much to remember at this point (mainly because I pass out nearly every workout). I walk home in pain, refuse food and sleep all night. 

Thursday 12th December:

I nearly faint at my desk. My colleagues are in hysterics every time I run to the toilet to throw up; Im starting on fresh fruit smoothies. My diet consists of no sugar, no saturated fat and only good carbs; I calculate that this, in theory, rules out most foods. Lunch time is a healthy wrap, or tuna steak smothered in lettuce. The food doesn't taste half as bad now that I cake everything in paprika, chilli pepper and chives. If I muster the strength, I cook only chicken and rice for my dinner each night. Tom tells me that loading up on carbohydrates like this will make me feel fuller for longer.

Sunday 15th December:

I have another workout this week. Although I'm finding some workouts a lot easier (I can finally run for longer than 3 minutes!), there are many more I'm struggling with. The leg thrusts get excruciatingly harder, especially when I'm doing sets of ten with hardly any time to breathe or rest. Intervel training will help my stomach become more toned, and boy am I feeling it because the pain in my stomach and legs are so bad I have to ask for help to climb the stairs. 

Verdict: getting there, only just!

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