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15 drunken purchases that we're very glad happened

13th December 2013

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Ever had that sinking moment, when you’ve just managed to get over a two-day hangover and satisfied yourself that nothing embarrassing happened – only to get a knock on the door and find a delivery man asking you to sign for a parcel that you just cannot remember ordering?

It happens to the best of us – apparently we’re a nation of drunken shoppers, with 40% of us hitting the checkout button after one glass of wine too many.

In light of this, we asked our friends/acquaintances/colleagues/the internet about their most ridiculous drunken purchases.

The results were eye-opening. Prosthetic limbs and a chainsaw from Asda? Well, why ever not...

Here’s what we’ve been buying:

“20,000 Googly eyes.”

 “Flights to Patagonia.”

“A working dentist’s chair.”

“A giant rabbit (I mean it was huge, it was the size of a mature badger at least) from a man in a betting shop in Manchester. At 9am. He had it over his shoulder, like a baby.”

“An Alpaca for an African family.”

“Went through a phase of buying anatomical medical models on eBay – a heart, skeleton, ex-classroom model used for demonstrating how the lungs work etc”

“At a charity event, £150 for two tickets to a burlesque show that I didn’t even go to.”

“I bid on (and won) a signed Little Britain radio show CD... I was VERY drunk”

“A prosthetic limb and a chainsaw... The latter, worryingly, from Asda.”

 “£30 for a spray of aftershave from the “no splash no gash” toilet attendant in Cuba nightclub, Lancaster.”

“I went to Crystal Palace Market still drunk the morning after and came back with a bit of wood that I’d bought for a pound. I don’t know why.”

“A giant Tweetie Pie that dispensed smaller Tweetie Pies.”

“400 hand-painted Victorian glass eyes.”

“A hedgehog-shaped cheese grater.”

“I booked a holiday after quite a lot of wine. I remember thinking about going to Italy, but I went to Hungary.”

If you have anything to add to this very worthy shopping basket please tell us all about it.

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