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5 things to leave at home when you go to university

28th August 2013

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If you've decided to leave home for university you may be overcome by the strong urge to bring absolutely everything with you. Here we examine some things to leave behind when it comes to your start in a new university town.
The 'personal library'
If you’re an arts student, chances are you got your grades by reading a few books. Finally, after all this time, you’ll be with like-minded people who actually enjoy discussing the minutiae of Eliot’s ‘The Waste Land’, or John Guy’s conceptualization of the sacking of the monasteries. But seriously, as much as you’d love to haul the entirety of your personal collection across the country in order to display it proudly on your new shelf - don’t. It’s just too cumbersome. Secondly, you might come across as a bit of a douche. Yes, you love Ulysses, that’s great, but you don’t need to bring it with you to discuss it over one too many late night beers. Bring a few of your favourites, no more.

A cross-section of your wardrobe

Perhaps more a tip for the girls than the guys, but for all of us committed metrosexuals out there it’s worth heeding too: don’t bring your entire wardrobe. Unless it consists of two or three interchangeable outfits, it’s worth bringing a bit of everything - jeans, t-shirts, formal wear, smart wear, trackies, onesies - but not everything. You’ll soon get bored of trying to be fashionable everyday. Besides, you'll want at least one decent pair of underwear on your return home, just in case you’ve decided to leave your dirty washing for your parents to sort.

Sixth Form Work Ethic

It’s first year, and that can’t be stressed enough. Make sure you pass, read a bit, for God’s sake try to learn something. But this isn’t the year that will decide the rest of your life - that was last year. Sex, drinking, romance, late night conversations about Proust; there are far more important things this time round.

Ludicrously expensive or flashy alcohol

You might drink Moët, or Swedish vodka, or top drawer whisky, but your new mates might drink Tennents and Strongbow. If it turns out that you meet someone who shares your love of mincemeat-flavoured liquor distilled in a cellar in the Pyrenees - and it’s quite likely - then much better to wait until you meet and go shopping for it together. That way, you might get to split the bill.

A closed mind

A cliché, but really, it’s true. Whether it’s a belief that they never really improved on Plato’s Republic, or that Neil Kinnock really would have been the country’s greatest Prime Minister, make sure you take notice of everything people have to say. It’s the best way to learn new things, and it’s far more important than dusty tomes about premium bonds or algorithms. You’ll have more fun that way!

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