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Freshers: 8 Things to Expect

27th August 2013

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Every freshers' experience is different, but here's our list of things you should expect in your first few weeks at university.
1. You won't get on with everyone you meet
When you arrive at university don’t get caught out by the myth that everyone is like-minded. More often than not you’ll fall in with a group of people who will become your greatest friends, but you certainly won’t hit it off with everyone you meet, and nor should you expect to.

2. You'll make some of the best friends of your life

You might not like everyone, but after eating with them and having late nights and early morning lectures in their company some of them will become your best friends for life.

3. They'll try to tell you first year requires hard work - it doesn't.  

It just requires work. Save the hard studies for later and enjoy as much university social life as you can.

4. The work probably will be harder

A caveat to the last one. Although there won't be as much in terms of sheer volume, don’t worry if your first piece of coursework comes back as a third. You might have to relearn a bit and get the hang of writing academically. This is perfectly normal.

5. Washing and cooking for yourself

Even if you live close enough to home to avoid washing your own clothes (not recommended), you will probably have to cook for yourself at some point. Try organising flat meals and investing in a student cookbook. Don’t live off Greggs pasties if you can help it.

6. Being out every night

In your first weeks of university you could well be out every night. Embrace it as a lifestyle that you can only ever maintain - and defend - at this time in your life. It’s what freshers is for.

7. People who actually enjoy board games/musicals/Doctor Who 

Love Monopoly? Gilbert and Sullivan? Daleks? You’ll finally find your niche at university. Countless clubs and societies mean that if all you’ve ever really wanted to do is travel in the TARDIS, or sing in HMS Pinafore, you’ll get the chance to indulge your fantasy. Take it.

8. You won't be the same person when you leave

This is arguably the entire point of the experience: getting to know yourself better. After your first year that person you were when you came to university will probably feel a small leap away come summer.

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