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My 40 Days: Afraid of rejection?


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I’m going to generalize and say that everyone hates rejection. 

I’m sure there are exceptions to this rule, but sometimes even the people we think are most confident are secretly afraid.  I definitely count myself among people who are afraid of rejection and humiliation. 

Caleb Meakins has set himself the challenge of facing rejection head on, and even actively seeking out rejection (who does that?!), all with the aim of overcoming his own fear of failure. 

Caleb started a project called My 40 Days, filming himself attempting the impossible, whether it be trying to convince strangers on the street to give him £100, or blagging his way into London Fashion Week. 

The context of My 40 Days is the difficulty of employment for recent graduates and Caleb is a graduate and entrepreneur. 

I graduated 13 days ago, making these issues scarily relevant to me. The My 40 Days challenges are always entertaining and often hilarious.  Some challenges fail utterly, but some, surprisingly, succeed. 

All the challenges take Caleb out of his comfort zone as he risks failure and public humiliation. My favourites so far include Caleb taking a lecture in King’s College London (uninvited), going into fast food chains with a whole chicken and asking them to cook it for him, and meeting Sarah Jessica Parker on the red carpet at a theatre premiere! The videos are fun to watch, but they are inspiring too.  Caleb’s courage in facing failure and rejection motivate others to go for their goals and risk rejection too. What is the worst that can happen?

In the present day social networks allow us to guard ourselves from rejection, showing off our best sides, obtaining countless likes or retweets and falsely boosting our egos. But My 40 Days reminds us that we live our lives around countless other people and rejection and failure is always an option, life is like that. 

The encouragement of My 40 Days is that failure and rejection are not the end of the world, and actually life is fun even when it’s embarrassing!

Find all the videos at, follow @My40Days on Twitter, and suggest a challenge to Caleb at My 40 Days on Facebook. 

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