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10 Ways to Celebrate After Exams

3rd May 2013

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Summer and freedom are almost within our reach. After so many weeks spent revising, we count down the top ten ways to celebrate once the exams are finally over...

1. Have a party with all your friends. This only needs a little preparation and doesn’t even require deep pockets, if your student loan has already started to feel the effects of post-exams euphoria. You can ask everyone to contribute something to the party, whether they are a kitchen queen, cocktail whizz or budding DJ wanting to try out their skills on the turntables. All of the guests could be asked to bring a bottle or some snacks, leaving the host to take care of fewer things – which can only be a blessing after spending an indecently long time in a revision-frazzled state.

2. Pamper yourself. After so much time spent feverishly flicking through your old essays, compiling revision notes and compulsive stationery hoarding to make the most beautiful revision cards in your student house, the time has come to remember how to relax again. Relaxation can come in the form of beauty treatments, watching your favourite DVD box-sets back-to-back or simply spending a whole day in bed. Just because you’re a student, and you can.  

3. Have a night out. After so many nights in spent cramming with only Red Bull and an endless list of revision tasks for company, why not indulge yourself with a night out? Many clubs offer special student deals during the week and at the end of exams, and sometimes a good old retro dose of the 90s or some dance music is just what you need to get the exam blues out of your system.

4. Retail therapy . If you’ve been lusting after that dress in the Topshop window that you pass every day on the way to lectures or those new shoes in Office, now is the time to reward yourself for all of your hard work. Shops normally have sales and reductions around May and June, practically making it a guilt-free purchase.

5. Going to a music festival or gig.  Most music festivals are held around June or July, so now is the perfect time to have a weekend with friends, food, music and no greater worry than thinking about how you can be in prime position in the front row at each performance.  

6. Go to a summer ball. If your uni holds a summer ball or party, this is a really enjoyable way of spending a night with your friends and getting the chance to dress up and pamper yourself. Most balls will attract fairly big names in music and comedy, and will offer ents ranging from Ferris wheels and bucking broncos to the more left-field arts of hand massage and relaxation therapy.  

7. Throwing food at each other upon leaving the exam hall. A bit of a niche one, but who knows - it might catch on. Trashing, a ritual at Oxford, involves pelting your friends with flour, eggs and any foodstuffs you may find in your fridge or the cupboards of your student house.

8. Go on holiday. A few days of catching up in sunnier climes with some sangria, the beach and a swimming pool thrown in – what’s not to like? We can’t take any responsibility if your holiday ends up resembling the lads’ getaway in the Inbetweeners’ film, but more often than not, you will probably end up having a great time.

9. Catch some culture. After so many weeks spent revising frantically and trying to remember the finer points of French grammar without sending yourself to sleep, why not splash out on cut-price tickets to a London show or attraction? Theatre sites often have competitive prices during the summer months and reduced seats, and student productions at your university are often similar quality for a fraction of the price.  

10. Have a dinner party with your friends. After watching so many episodes of Come Dine with Me and daytime television during term, the idea of dinner parties can often seem horribly stressful, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. You can ask each of your friends to bring a different course, and somebody else can be asked to provide the drinks. The décor can be left simple, leaving you to enjoy an evening in each other’s company with good food before entertainment such as drinking games if anyone is feeling brave enough.

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