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Top 10 Weirdest Divorce Stories

3rd April 2013

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Divorce can be an emotional and stressful time for any couple. People react in different ways; some are able to remain level-headed, others break down - and some go crazy and saw their houses in half.                                                                 

Here is a rundown of some of the strangest divorce stories that have received worldwide publicity over recent years...

1. Mo money, Mo marriage

Acrimonious divorces can  cause considerable financial strain.  Media mogul Rupert Murdoch was ordered to pay one of the largest ever divorce settlements when he was told by the court to pay £1.1 billion pounds to his former wife. However, this clearly didn’t give him cold feet as he married again just 17 days later!

2. Permission to Party, your highness

Even the royal family has experienced the strain of divorce. Charles and Diana’s divorce dealt with property, money and royal titles. Perhaps one of the more awkward agreements that had to be entered into was Diana having to ask the Queen’s permission if she wanted to entertain guests at St James’ palace.  

3. Old flames

After 60 diamond years together you’d think that you’ve found the partner you will spend your last days with. This was not the case in Germany, when 81-year-old Georg Meister found himself out of the family home and facing a divorce after being caught having an affair with a colleague. Lucky for him he didn’t have far to walk as his mistress lived two houses away from his family home.

4. Got to give it up

There’s always the love song that reminds you of your ex. Marvin Gaye, however, took this to another level. W hen he couldn’t afford to pay the court fees for his divorce,  Marvin assigned all the royalties from his ‘Here, my dear’ album to his ex-wife as part of the divorce settlement.

5. Unfaithful or Parrot-noid

The good thing about pets is you can confide in them and feel assured they will never tell. Well, unfortunately this didn’t quite work out for one Chinese couple. When t he wife returned from a trip and noticed her pet parrot had picked up the words ‘divorce’ and ‘be patient’ s he left her husband on the grounds he had been unfaithful.

6. Don’t Hassle the Hoff

David Hasselhoff raised a few eyebrows in his lengthy divorce from Pamela Bach when he secured the term ‘The Hoff’ as part of the settlement. There were no reports as to whether the former Mrs Hoff had wanted to assume the title.

7. Tit for tat

Couples often spend a considerable amount of time arguing over ownership of the assets of the marriage when they separate.  One American couple took this to the extreme when the husband listed his wife’s breast implants as a marital asset worth £3,600. They were subsequently struck out of consideration by the court.

8. Kidney Failure

Dr Richard Batista gave more than his heart to his wife when they married, in fact, he donated his kidney. Sadly this kind gesture was not enough to keep his marriage alive and his wife filed for divorce . This left her husband hurt and wanting his kidney back. Dr Batista was told by his solicitor that the chances of this happening were "somewhere between impossible and completely impossible."

9. She’s ugly, you’re ugly, this is all getting ugly

It’s a fact known worldwide; that all parents believe their child is the most beautiful ever born. Not, however, Feug Jian. Mr Jian filed for divorce when his wife give birth to a daughter he considered to be ‘incredibly ugly’ as he believed she had had an affair and the child was not his. He then sued his estranged wife when she informed him that she had not had an affair, but admitted previously having plastic surgery!  Mrs Jian lost the case and was ordered to pay her former husband damages on the grounds of having married him under false pretences.                                                              

10. Clear cut divorce

Divorce settlements can be a tricky. On occasion couples can go too far in the pursuit of achieving the 50:50 divide. After an 18 year marriage, Moeun Sarim sawed the   Cambodian family house in half during the divorce in order to realise his half share of the assets. After accusing his wife of adultery, he took his half of the house to an area near his parents. His wife was quoted as saying this was ‘very strange’ – something of an understatement.     

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