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10 Things First Year Has Taught Us


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University will teach you a lot of things, but learning isn't confined to the classroom. So, did you discover the same things as us in first year?

1.       Fancy dress isn’t just for small children
Once thought of as a pastime for children at birthday parties, fancy dress gets a new lease of life at university. Whether it’s a classic school uniform night out, or a more adventurous theme like 90’s video games, fancy dress is back. Bear this in mind when heading towards second year and stock up on plain white shirts, neon colour clothes and a variety of accessories. You’ll still be needing them.
2.       Naps aren’t just for old people
You stumble home at 5am and have to be in a lecture a mere four hours later. How are you going to survive the day (and the inevitable next night out) on three hours sleep? Energy drinks and caffeine tablets will only get you so far, what you need to do is catch up on some Zs. This is where naps come in. Whether a 20 minute power nap, or a two hour kip, you’ll feel much better when you wake up.
3.       Kitchen equipment can come in handy
Having abandoned any delusions about cooking gourmet food at university, you still might find all the kitchen stuff you brought with you comes in handy. If it snows on your campus, a baking tray makes a wonderful sledge. Having friends over for drinks? That enormous mixing bowl is perfect for serving punch.
4.       Having leftover take-away for breakfast is totally acceptable
Last night’s takeaway probably won’t taste so good in the cold, harsh light of day, but who can resist? In order to maximise the time you get in bed and minimise the time it takes to get ready, grabbing a slice of pizza for breakfast might not be the healthiest start to your day, but you won’t be frowned upon for it. We’ve all been there.
5.       Anything can be made into a drinking game
Saying somebody’s first name. Pointing. Holding a drink with your left hand. All of these are punishable by being made to drink at uni. Keep your wits about you during pre-drinks, and beware Ring of Fire - nobody wants to have to down the King Cup.
6.       Say yes to (almost) everything
What’s that? A Quidditch Society? Yes I’d love to join! You need a stage manager for the French play? Count me in! At university, there are so many opportunities you didn’t even know existed and if you look hard enough, you can to do something new every week of your degree.
7.       Money is a mythical object
Everything was free at home: the internet, the food, the toilet roll.. but that student loan never seems to quite stretch far enough. Maybe it’s all the ridiculous costumes you keep buying or maybe it’s all the beer… either way, being poor sucks.
8.       Referencing was created by the devil
You’ve finally finished your essay and all you have to do now is print it off and hand it in with smug satisfaction. But first you have to make sure that you write the place the book was published, the author’s mother’s maiden name and what they ate for breakfast on the day it came out. And make sure you get all the full stops in the right places. Stress.
9.       Parents are the source of all knowledge
Whatever the problem, your parents will know the answer. How do you get the red wine stain out of your top? How do you work an iron? What do you do when the lights go off in your flat? Although not in the same house as you anymore, your parents can still always be relied on to guide you through the finer points of independent living.
10.   Tea saves lives
Stressed? Have a cup of tea. Sad? Put the kettle on and talk about it. Happy? Celebrate with a brew. Whatever the occasion, you never need an excuse to grab a mug and have a tea at uni.

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