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Top 5 most embarrassing uni moments


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University should be a time of fun, freedom and festivities. So why do so many of our student memories revolve around feelings of regret and inescapable embarrassment?

No worries. With the help of our list, you can ensure that you never have to go through the same humiliation, as we discuss the Top 5 Most Embarrassing Uni Moments...

1. Blame the Drink - Do you remember that night when you tried to kiss your best mate whilst dressed as a dishevelled Smurf? You know, that time when you got into a fight with the taxi driver? (Because he said your Smurf costume was naff). You must remember, you tried to force your way into next door's halls?

Forget about specifics! Statistically, 9/10 students will experience their most embarrassing university moments following a night of heavy boozing. Sadly, this was not a made-up statistic we were privy to when participating in our own scholarly humiliation.

2. The interview - Why wait until you have settled in to campus life to embarrass yourself silly? After all, there's an inductee interview to undergo first. Failing the interview is not an option. So, be well prepared and expect every possible question.

Why do we want to study at this University? Pass!

3. The Stomach Monster - So, you made it past the interview stage. With that hurdle out of the way, you can now look forward to the early morning lectures, the tired eyes, the hung-over head and, worst of all, the trials of the empty stomach.

From the moment you take your seat in class, you can guarantee that the hunger pangs will kick in. Sadly, you can forget about learning anything during this lecture, because your only focus now is to spend the next hour tensing your stomach muscles and carrying out an array of noise covering coughs,as you attempt to hide the embarrassment of having the loudest stomach on campus.

4.  Social Network Shame -We remember when social embarrassment required that you at least left the house. Nowadays, all it takes is a flippant Tweet about your lecherous lecturer or a loose lipped status update about your obsessive ex, who emails twice a week with a creepy crayon drawing depicting you as a swan (just us?) Of course, should the devil find social work for your ideal hands, you can always blame that pesky resident hacker. After all, how else would we have 'Liked' the Taylor Swift fanpage?

5. Graduation Fall - You never thought you would make it. But, after years of hard work, you're now ready to graduate from university. Walking up thesteps to receive your diploma, you can feel the adoration of those in attendance and the pride of your parents as you shoot them a winning smile, only to fall head over heels and discover blood streaming from your once beautiful face.

Uni life may be a melting pot of embarrassment and humiliation. But, with you can guarantee that your accommodation will be the last thing to leave you feeling red faced. Share your stories below on Facebook.

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