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Top 10 ways to spend a night in

5th March 2013

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Ever looked forward to a night out for days, weeks, maybe months, and it let you down?

Made the mistake of egging on the lightweight to down the King's Cup, hopped in the taxi, paid an extortionate entry fee, chilled in the loos and u-turned within half an hour? I have.

Sometimes, you must admit – staying could be the cheaper and better option. Who knows? You could even turn your student accommodation into the perfect, chilled-out haven!

Here are some ideas, for a 'crrrazy' night in!

(Results vary...depending on your housemates, the temprements of neighbours/campus security etc.)

1. Movie night

Let's assume that you live in a place with internet access and you have a laptop – a winning combination. Sure, you could also live with someone who sees 'movie time' as an opportunity to tell every anecdote under the sun. Grab some DVDs or a good web link, go splits on some snacks and drinks. Go wild. Simples.

2. Bake/cook-off!

Now, everybody eats. Food (and drink) brings people together. It usually works like this: you send out a group text/ Facebook message to all your mates and the title should have a food-related prefix (e.g. Fajita Night). Sling in some dependable tracks from your iTunes library and you're set.

3. Takeaway Night

The conventions above still apply, but this time you'll have a team-bonding task of nominating a good takeaway, accompanied by some soft artithmatic regarding how much everybody owes that person. No worries, it should pick up after that. Don't forget. The drinks.

4. Crash the party

So, you met this guy/girl on the way in from a night out... some time ago. You see them on the staircase every other day. 'Come say hello', they say. Every time. You can hear one of your favourite songs coming from their flat. Call in a favour – time to finally RSVP. A new environment never hurts, it's free - and you just met a bunch of awesome people.

5. A good ol' catch-up

This may appeal to natural-natterers amongst us. You're staring out of your window, watching the lads of Flat 3 waddle into a cab. Don't sit there feeling sorry for yourself. Take yourself over to your flatmates', armed with the latest gossip and a bag of sweets.

6. Get through a DVD box set

You will never run out of things to watch and it makes for a great back-up after a failed night-out.

7. Read a great series

Remember that thing? Back in the day, you would find an object of bound paper and each page would have words printed on it. I'm just messing with you, I know you read loads of course-related stuff. Give yourself a break.

8. Phone/Skype a friend

The likelihood is, you've been rushed off your feet for the last couple of weeks. You accidently forgot your favourite aunt's birthday and you've remembered that best mate just broke up with the love of their life. Go on, do your bit. Be a dear. It's not like you have anything else to do tonight!

9. Make yourself proud!

You may be in tonight, but it is not the end. If you keep your head down and get that 2000 word-er done, you could be out tomorrow! If you want, you could put on some soft music to create the illusion of fun. You may find yourself throwing some shapes in between times.

10. Get your house bits done

As I say, there's still tomorrow! Not feeling up to the essay? How about getting your laundry done? There's probably life growing in that pile of clothes. Actually wash up. Give your room a sprucing. You might find some spare change in the process or even your long-lost I.D.

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