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Spending Mother's Day away from home?

5th March 2013

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Ah, it's that time again – Mother's Day. A national holiday, dedicated to mummies everywhere. Without them, none of us would exist!

You're a year older than the last Mother's Day so, you need to step it up. The only issue is that you're away from home. Didn't book that train in time? Perhaps you're bogged down with looming deadline dates. No worries, here are some ideas to make this one as special as the rest.

1. Have a look online. Google 'Mother's Day' for some inspiration You are bound to find heaps of offers on flower bouquets, chocolates and the like, with home delivery included.

You could get your gift sent in earlier and call in a favour from a reliable sibling/neighbour/friend to add those finishing touches. Some confetti, a handwritten note from you on the breakfast table, perhaps.

If you are particularly organised, you may already know what mum wants. If it's available from your local shopping centre, you could ask a really nice person to pick up for you and bring it over on the day. If that very kind person has a key cut to your house, they could hide it indoors. You could ring up on Sunday morning and send mum on a scavenger hunt!

2. Send your Mum a video message! We all know someone who knows their way around Final Cut Pro. Pretty sure you could work out Widnows Video Maker in no time. Find some cute photos and you could record a nice audio message with your webcam (if it has a built-in mic). If this all a bit too technical, you could put a slideshow together or a pretty Powerpoint presentation.

3. On that note, you may be an able singer and musician. You could film an accoustic version of Mum's favourite song and email it to her. All in a day's work! She will love it. It's not too much effort, but there's a lot of heart in there.

4. Keep your ears to the floor! Ring your mum from time to time. She went shopping? What was she looking at? Ask her best mates, sisters, brothers, friends. Be creative and it could make searching for that perfect Mother's Day present, just that litte bit easier.

5. Keep your eyes peeled Living Social and Groupon deals. You Mother's Day present could come in the form an I.O.U, if you will. If you play your cards right, you could bag yourself an afforable deal on various outings ranging from weekends away to a day of spa treatments. Print off the voucher and place it in her beautiful card. Presto!

Whatever you do, get thinking because Sunday will be here before you know it. Can't say we didn't give you a heads up! 

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