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12 secret features of common products you had no idea existed


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Discovering a hack is satisfying, but when it doesn’t require more than the tools already at your disposal it’s gold dust.

That’s what’s on topic on Reddit, where user Efearas asked their fellows: “What common product has a feature you’re not sure everyone is aware of?”

Here are 12 of the most useful, and sometimes entertaining, answers.


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2. From user EthanF

“Space bar does not always pause videos on Youtube. It activates whatever is selected.

“Instead use ‘K’. K always pauses. J rewinds 10 seconds. L fast forwards 10 seconds. ‘‘ moves forward one frame. M mutes.”

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4. From user phantopia

“You can double-tap the task-manager-button on Android phones to switch to the last app you had open. Great for comparing or copying stuff.”

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6. From user CreativeCorinne

“Waze allows you to record your own voice for the driving instructions. It’s very fun!”

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8. From user Back2Bach

“Some ceiling fans have a small switch that reverses the motion of the fan blades.

“Reversing the motion draws the warm air down from the ceiling in winter, or pulls the cooler air up from the floor in summer. The switch is sometimes difficult to see, but well worth the effort to use it with change of seasons.”

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10. From user Dramawind

“Shift+alt+numlock allows you to control the cursor with the numpad…”

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12. From user apinballwizard

“WD40 can be used to remove adhesives, like if you have a particularly aggressive sticker you’re trying to peel off of something.

“If you accidentally get permanent marker on something fairly non-porous, try going over it real well with a dry erase marker. The solvent will soak into the permanent marker and you can usually just wipe it away.”

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