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Balancing Act: Job vs. Degree

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Balancing a job and a degree can be stressful - especially at this time of year. Some days it feels like you barely have any spare time, but to ensure that you gain the most out of university and embrace opportunities to develop your CV follow these top tips.

1. Choose your job wisely

Having a job at university is a great way to develop your CV and gain some extra money, but you need to be careful when applying for a job. You need to take into consideration issues like transportation, flexibility and the added strain of having a job.  Companies that are seeking  to employ students are ideal as they are flexible with hours. In reality, jobs that demand a set amount of hours per week are hard to sustain, especially with deadlines and exams. Try visiting websites such as as they cater for students and appreciate student lifestyles. If your university isn't linked to these websites, why not visit your careers services to find out what is available. 

2.If in doubt don't commit

If you are considering applying for a job whilst at university, you really need to judge whether you have enough spare time to fully commit to a job. It is crucial to have a healthy balance between studying and leisure time and if you feel that having a job will eat into one of these areas of your life, you really need to reconsider. Whilst you  may find that at the start of term you can easily cope with having a job, as the term progresses the pressure of maintaining your job may become too stressful. 

3. Seasonal jobs

Seasonal jobs are a great way of injecting some money into your bank account. These jobs are mainly at Christmas and during the summer holidays which means you don't have to commit to working during term time. However, you do run the risk of having less free time during your holidays.

4. Be honest

If you feel like your job is dominating your life and your concerned about your degree, speak to your manager or supervisor. Explain your situation and ask them for advice, or simply ask for less hours. 

5. Organisation

This is absolutely crucial to ensuring you keep a healthy balance between your degree and your job. Time management is key because it allows you to plan in advance what time will be devoted to your job or degree. Without organisation it becomes virtually impossible to have a job at university and will add so much extra pressure to your university experience!

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