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Working as a Club 18-30 rep

27th March 2013
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Looking for something to broaden your horizons during or after uni? Working as a holiday rep could be a good option for you. We spoke to Club 18-30 rep Rebecca Francis about her experiences in the job. 

Rebecca FrancisWhat made you become a Club 18-30 rep? 

Becoming a rep never crossed my mind until my first Club 18-30 holiday; I just didn’t want to go home. I went to Ibiza with four of my friends and from the minute we arrived it was just crazy, the reps didn’t treat us like they were our mums or dads, they were practically part of the group it was like having two extra friends on our holiday. The whole experience was just overflowing with different things to do, it will always be one of the most unforgettable two weeks of my life. 

Everyone knows after first year of uni you’re totally skint you definitely make the most of being a Fresher and I just knew going on a cheap holiday with hardly any spending money wouldn’t even come close to Ibiza with Club 18-30. So I thought what better way to spend my summer being around new people every week, a team that would become my family almost and a full summer in sun whilst getting paid for it…why wouldn’t you apply? 

How did you become a rep? 

Applying to become a rep was such a simple process, some people think you need to do a travel course at college or university; but that’s not the case at all….it was a simple application form which you can find on the Club 18-30 website basically just asking you questions to try and get a feel of your personality. After that if you're successful you have a first interview which is actually a pretty fun day, it’s kind of like a group interview but you get taken away for different “rounds” shall we call it in smaller groups.

After that the successful lot get the chance to go to “SkegVegas” or known to the public as sunny Skegness for Academy, which is again a great weekend with loads of different tasks… then the lucky lot get told at the end of the weekend where their off. It’s such an amazing feeling everyone’s screaming…crying…jumping and running around its pretty surreal. 

Where are you based as a rep? 

The great thing about being a rep is that you get the chance to go to different destinations every summer usually, luckily for me my first year was spent in Faliraki (Rhodes) and last year I was in Malia (Crete) both were absolutely amazing experiences and completely different. This year I’m off to Ayia Napa and I honestly cannot wait. 

What does your job entail? 

Many people think it’s going to be a holiday…sadly it’s not. Although you do get the perks of a holiday all summer long it is still hard work, but when I say hard I must admit it is such a rewarding job. Being a rep means you have a lot of responsibilities on duty and even off. Our first priority is making sure all our guests have the best possible holiday ever, leaving with a lasting unforgettable memory, but we still need to make sure everyone is safe and sound.

Being a rep means you have to be on the ball all the time whether it’s being organised, approachable or just generally being the life and soul of the party. Don’t worry you do have some freedom as soon as it hits around 2am - work's over. Yet if you ask any rep they wouldn’t class it as “work” you just feel like the sensible one out of a group of friends on a night out, a bit like Will from the Inbetweeners, shall we say.

Whether you stay out after work with the team or your guests you’re usually out around 5 nights a week and the other two are spent at the airport bringing the newbies in or welcoming them. 

Club 18-30 has a reputation for good times – what’s the funniest/strangest thing that’s happened to you while being a rep? 

One of the funniest things that I can probably think of off the top of my head had to be one of the last sunset projects we had in Malia; the sunset project theme was neon so anything bright, florescent and glowing was great, as a rep your expected to go all out for this and practically be a glow worm.

We were all about to have a team meeting and one of the reps rocks up in a knee length BLACK puff ball sleeved dress… everyone just burst out laughing she looked like she was going to a funeral. We later found out just before she was about to leave the hotel she got thrown in the pool and was soaked head to toe…so her nice little old Greek hotelier lent her this appalling knee length dress to come to our neon rave. If that wasn’t bad enough she then got told to do a back flip and mid-air everyone just heard a RIIIIPPPPP, oh yeah she split the dress straight down the middle! We still laugh about it today. I don’t think the little old lady got her dress back…. 

What is the best thing about being a Club 18-30 rep? 

The best thing about being a rep has to be the other Club 18-30 reps; your team in resort becomes your family, some of my best friends today are from Club 18-30. you all instantly click, everyone is just friendly, outgoing and its weird it’s like looking in the mirror everyone seems to be just like you. The next best thing about being a rep is being surrounded by new people weekly. your guests make your summer and that’s no word of a lie, whether it’s seeing six-packs all summer long or having those groups of girls that become your best mates for the week.

I found that Club 18-30 has made me a confident, strong, forward thinking individual and with the guidance from managers and team members you get to learn a lot about yourself. No day is the same as the last and every day you’re met with different challenges and experiences. Plus you get to live in a hot resort for the whole summer…. Can’t really complain about that now can you. 

Why should I consider becoming a rep? 

The question is why shouldn’t you consider becoming a rep. Who can say they’ve had the best summer of their lives whilst getting paid for it? Who can say they’ve made some amazing new friends for life whilst getting paid for it?

Who can say they’ve experienced a different day in the same job all summer long that isn’t repetitive and is actually fun…whilst getting paid to do it? Who can say they’ve had the opportunity to go to different destinations and embark on what feels like a new holiday every week whilst not paying anything to do it? Who can say they don’t want to have an amazing summer away in the sun, with a group of people that become your family and get paid to do it before having to come back to university and part time jobs.

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