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Grace Victory talks all things taboo


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Award Winning Vlogger and TV Presenter, Grace Victory has shot to fame over the last 4 years, using her own experiences of depression, body image struggles and other mental health issues to inspire her millions of viewers. 

Speaking to The National Student about the release of her new book ‘No Filter’, Grace explains what drove her to write the book, and what she hopes to pass on to her fans.

While many vloggers avoid discussing taboo issues like mental health, sex education and women's issues, Grace embraces such topics. She believes that opening dialogues about such issues are essential to helping people and changing the status quo. As such she supports any campaign to remove the stereotype and shame around such issues and begin conversations, such as the royal family’s campaign ‘Heads Together’.

Excited about her new book ‘No Filter’ coming out Thursday 27th July, Grace hopes to inspire her readers. She explains that the book is “what has happened from the age of zero to now, this is my story, and I want it to be a chance for people to really be inspired. To be told that yeah you can have a difficult childhood, you can go through all these things, you can have these issues but you can still come out the other side. You can lead a very happy and fulfilled life and have a great career”. 

According to Grace, ‘No Filter’ is “a book that I wish I could have read when I was younger. I want it to be a timeless piece, a book that can be passed down generation to generation to remind them that this is a reason not to give up”. 

In her vlogs and her book, Grace discusses the difficulties she has faced in life, baring herself in the hopes of helping others, which she believes is her calling. As Grace puts it, “I’ve empowered myself and now it’s my chance to empower others”. With this in mind, she bravely bares herself more than ever, revealing things in her book that she has never revealed before. 

While Grace admits that some parts of the book were draining to write, she found it to be a largely therapeutic experience, allowing herself to be vulnerable because “with vulnerability comes strength”. 

Grace Victory is a very down to earth and humble individual, as shown by her incredulity at being published. Seeming utterly amazed she jokes that “it’s going to be mad to go to Waterstones and see my face and my name in a book, it’s just bizarre, but [also] amazing”.

Grace admits that while she always had self-belief and knew she would have a good career eventually “I didn't believe it would happen this soon or that I would have a book. I thought that I would do some exciting things but not a book, that was completely out of the question, and now here we are!”. 

Grace credits at least some of her fame to her two BBC Three documentaries, which she believes “really propelled my career forward, since then it’s been a whirlwind”. The first of these documentaries was “Clean Eating’s Dirty Secrets”, one of the most watched shows on BBC Three online, which achieved 1.5 million views across BBC One and BBC Three Online combined. The second “The Cost of Cute: The Dark Side of the Puppy Trade”, is a documentary exploring the rise in popularity of the ‘Instagram dog’.

Grace also has praise for her followers, who she believes are just like her. She proudly states that they are “very open and aware of what is going on in the world and it's lovely that I have such a supportive and educated community around me. I’m very lucky”. 

Grace believes that while everyone will find things they love in her book, women especially “will be able to relate to at least one topic and one chapter in the book because I talk about things that we want to talk about, like porn, boobs, friendships and school”. 

Expanding on this issue she admits that she wishes she’d had someone like herself when she was younger to talk about issues including sex. She is still perplexed as to why it isn’t socially acceptable for women to talk about sex and masturbation, exclaiming “women like talking about sex, that’s just the way it is”. For Grace, discussing such issues empowers her and empowers others, which is why she does so in her blogs and her book and will continue to do so.

You can find Grace on Twitter and Instagram @GraceFVictory.

Grace Victory’s book NO FILTER is published by Headline on the 27th July in hardback, priced £14.99.

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