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YouTuber and beauty guru posts makeup free photo and blasts “fake” social media


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Alison Henry, a Youtuber known mostly for makeup tutorials and beauty videos, has posted a makeup free selfie on her Instagram, with a lengthy caption detailing her views on “fake” social media.

She also speaks about the problems of individuals focusing too much on appearance in media.

Hi. I've been thinking about this post for a while, just waiting to find the right time to write it, although I'm not sure I'll ever find that. I have to admit I'm high as balls right now hahah and yeah I probably shouldn't be but whatever I am and I probably shouldn't tell everyone on instagram but why not? It's the truth. Am I supposed to be ashamed or something? Scared of judgment? Well too bad, I'm not. Fuck your opinions of me, mine is the only one that matters. I took this photo in January, while I was in treatment during the lowest part of my life thus far. I was 91 lbs. and guess what? I wanted to fucking facetune this picture before I posted it, because that's how big my ego is, how big most of our egos are- and no one see's any issue with it if they are even able to recognize it at all. It's so fucked- nothing is real anymore. I'm not. This whole instagram is fake. And even though I understand how unrealistic the standards are these days, I still find myself obsessed with trying to reach them. It's insanity. It's insecurity with who we really are. We all inherently know deep down that we're not just shells, right? Not just these flesh robots with faces? We are everything. We are reality manifesting itself in the form of this dimension, I mean, I think. We are meant to live in pure bliss. It is our nature- not the humanity we see now. Everything we know now will soon be gone, and what kind of "intelligent" species destroys its own environment? Uhg. But who the fuck am I to know anything? I don't, really. I just think a lot. I'm not sure where I'm going with this anymore but I just wanna be free. Free of the pointless obsession with my identity, free of the lies I let the voice in my head tell me every day, free of feeling like I'll never be happy enough. I have all the power in the world. And I accept myself. ALL of myself. At least in this moment I do. It's hard- we all feel it. But anyways, not sure if this made any sense. Hopefully it'll speak to someone out there, if not, oh well. I enjoyed myself. Might start talking more on here. Alrighty, have at it in the comments and I'll be here, cuddling with my cat Blu and missing my baby Owl..

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Henry admits she is “high as balls” while writing the post, but continues on voicing her opinion on the subject matter.

She says the picture was taking while in treatment for an unspecified condition, calling it the “lowest part of her life.” She realised she wanted to “facetune” the picture before posting it, leading her to feel the need to voice her opinions on “how unrealistic the standards are these days.”

She discusses how the obsession with self-image comes from a place of “insecurity” and hopes her post was able to “speak to someone.”

Her post has been well received, with mostly positive comments that show support for her message and express desire for Henry's general happiness and well being. 

The post currently has over 7,000 likes. Henry has 154,000 followers on Instagram and over 800,000 subscribers on Youtube. 

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