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There's been a rise in LGBT people turning to Satanism


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Recent reports from The Satanic Temple, NYC, show that there has apparently been a significant rise in LGBT people joining.

Ash Blackwood (who also goes by his pseudonym, Ash Astaroth) set up a chapter of The Satanic Temple after discovering the original temple. He set it up when at a low point after considering leaving his Satanism belief behind him, according to an interview with Vice.

The original Satanic Temple was created in 2014 by Lucien Greaves and Malcolm Jarry to promote humanistic principles of kindness and empathy; so it seems Satanism isn't all about believing in Satan and being evil as you may first expect.

It comes as no surprise that the temple has experienced an increase in LGBT people joining when you look at the background of the man who started the New York chapter and pulled an online community into New York's first real-life Satanic Temple.

Astaroth grew up as an openly gay teenager; he was searching for a community to feel a part of and that's when he just happened to come across Satanism. It was a group he could feel comfortable in, not be judged and be surrounded by like-minded people to converse with, get to know and befriend. The NYC group he brought to life is the group he always wanted to be a part of while growing up.

Vice journalist, Kate Ryan, who has since become a member herself, says: "I've been consumed with all things Satanic Temple. As someone who identifies as both gay and queer - queer in the modern sense of rejecting binary thinking - I feel at home in its embrace of complexity."

"Queer is an extra layer on top of being gay just like Satan is an extra layer on top of being an atheist," said Ash to Vice; "you can be both." Which, in its simple form means it's basically an atheist movement, named The Satanic Temple to freak out Christians as they don't actually promote a belief in Satan and aim to create an enthusiastically accepting atmosphere for LGBTQ people".


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