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Man runs an anti-abortion summer camp for kids


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Abortion has been legal in the UK since 1967 (1973 in the USA), but in recent years it's been brought back up into the spotlight following Donald Trump's pro-life attitude and the ongoing Christian protests to stop abortion. Alongside this, a man in the USA has taken it upon himself to create an anti-abortion summer camp for children.

Jeff White has been fighting to have abortion banned again in America for three years, including the call to disregard the rules that only allow the procedure in cases of rape and incest.

Jeff White is a well-known man linked to the anti-abortion movement; in 1998 he founded the self-professed Christian anti-abortion group, 'Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust' and since then has been arrested over 100 times, mostly related to group demonstrations and protests to stop the act.

The anti-abortion summer camp, 'Survivors Pro-Life Training Camp', is attended by roughly 50 young people every year between the ages of 11-24. The mission of the camp is to: "educate and equip young activists who are willing to be used by God to defend those unjustly sentenced to death” - which is essentially brainwashing them to be pro-life instead of pro-choice.

In a BBC Three documentary, Brainwashing Stacey: Anti-Abortion Camp, Stacey Dooley spends two weeks at the camp and experiences the 'teaching' first hand, in which the campers attend talks, workshops and 'field training' where they are sent to the streets to show graphic photos of aborted foetuses, and even vandalise clinics with chalk to write anti-abortion messages on the walls or pavement.

What's even more shocking is some girls don't even think abortion should be allowed in the cases of rape; they claim it won't change the past or what happened and now they need to look after the baby.

Jeff White himself has made it known that he offers to house mothers and their children and even pay for their education if it means they choose to not resort to abortion.

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