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Read this heartwarming 26-year-old letter a grandmother wrote for her grandson


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Reddit user davedavedaveck, whose real name is Trevor, has posted a picture of a letter written by his grandmother 26 years ago, meant to be opened this year.

The kind letter is dated 11 July 1991, the day of a total solar eclipse. The grandma wrote the letter with the intention of it not being opened until the year of another total solar eclipse (there is one set to occur this August).

In the letter, the grandmother expresses her love for her grandson and wonders what he is up now to at the age of 26.

She states that she hopes she is still alive when he opens the letter, as 2017 will mark the age of 79 for her. In the comments, Trevor confirmed that his grandmother is indeed alive and well and will celebrate her 80th birthday this fall.

His grandmother signed the letter with a self-portrait underneath her name.

The post has been very well received, with many giving praise to the heart warming sentiment. 

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