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Amazing time capsule letter from 1995 is discovered in wall


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A letter typed by Greg Wilkinson from 15th April 1995, detailing life in that year and making predictions for the future, has been found in a wall and posted to Facebook.

The letter addressed, “Hello whoever you are”, was put in the wall when Wilkinson was renovating his house.

The writer states his desire to leave behind a time capsule, believing that the wall will not be opened up for 50-80 years. His wife, Roslyn Green, was actually fairly accurate in predicting when the letter would be read. He states, “Ros reckons you will be reading this in the year 2020. I built the wall, and I reckon closer to 2060.”

He gives a little background information about himself and his wife, including that they were expecting their first child, a son, at the time of the letter. He then goes on to describe current life in Australia in 1995.

He covers various topics including politics and technology. The Prime Minister was Paul Keating and was set on making Australia a republic by 2000. Meanwhile, “the big deal at the moment is the internet.” He remarks, “This is just exploding and every man and his dog wants to ‘surf’ the internet. Please tell me this expression has now died.”

Wilkinson then goes on to make predictions about what the future will look like within the next 50 years. He states: “Islam will become the next ideological problem, sparking an equal and opposite reaction plunging large parts of the globe into a ridiculous ‘holy war.’” He also makes predictions about trading between China and America and remarks, “Australia will become the envy of the world, whatever happens.”

He closes the letter by stating his hopes that whoever picked up the letter has enjoyed living in the house. “By the time you read this, we will be old and grey, dead and gone.”

Hauntingly accurate, some may say.

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