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Trump has declared an end to “the war on coal”


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Speaking at the Unleashing American Energy event on Thursday, Trump announced that “the golden era of American energy is now underway”.

Trump added that his administration had "finally ended the war on coal" and would be "putting the coal miners back to work just like [he had] promised". 

The majority of Trump's speech focussed on coal and nuclear energy, much like his administration in general. Since his inaguration at the begining of the year, the President has proposed to expand and revive the nuclear energy sector in the US as well as making the application process for coal projects significantly easier, whilst almost entirely disregarding renewable energy.

Donald Trump

One clear reason Trump put forward for his support for coal was the jobs that it could provide, promising to remove the "intrusive" and "job-killing regulations", otherwise known as those laid down by the Environent Protection Agency in an attempt to slow global warming.

The speech also further reiterated Trump's positon on the Paris Agreement, which he controversially pulled out of earlier this month, telling the audience on Thursday that the deal had “really put this country at a disadvantage” and that he would consider returning “someday” so long as it was “on fairer terms” for the US. 

The President added that as America "have so much more energy than [they] ever thought possible", it is important not to "let other countries take away our sovereignty". Instead Trump revealled plans to ensure America become a dominant provider of energy by exporting fossil fuels such as coal and gas around the world.

Ultimately rather than ending a war on coal, it increasingly seems that Trump has declared a war on sustainability. 

Lead image courtesy of Gage Skidmore.

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