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10 Harvard freshmen have their acceptances revoked over obscene memes


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You may think that what happens in a secret Facebook group stays in a secret Facebook group - but least ten incoming Harvard freshmen have learnt that this isn't always the case, the hard way.

A group was started in December 2016 as an obscene version of another group in which funny memes were posted. Members of both groups met in an official Harvard group, created for new students.

Freshmen from the incoming class of 2021 posted vulgar memes about rape, as well as dead children and the holocaust. They also made jokes about various ethnicities and races, including that hanging a Mexican child should be called "piñata time". 

University officials at Harvard found out about the group after being told about it by students. They contacted the perpertrators, asking them to disclose every image they submitted to the group, as well as a statement explaining their actions.

Following the investigation, the Harvard Crimson confirmed that at least ten  incoming freshmen students had had their acceptances revoked. They also provided the following insights into behaviour exhibited within the group:

A handful of admitted students formed the messaging group—titled, at one point, “Harvard memes for horny bourgeois teens”—on Facebook in late December, according to two incoming freshmen.

In the group, students sent each other memes and other images mocking sexual assault, the Holocaust, and the deaths of children, according to screenshots of the chat obtained by The Crimson. Some of the messages joked that abusing children was sexually arousing, while others had punchlines directed at specific ethnic or racial groups. One called the hypothetical hanging of a Mexican child “piñata time.”

Ivy League Harvard does not comment on individual applicant's admissions. However, their policy states that if "[an] admitted student engages in behavior that brings into question his or her honesty, maturity, or moral character", their acceptance may be rescinded. 

One incoming freshman told Harvard Crimson: “This was a just-because-we-got-into-Harvard-doesn’t-mean-we-can’t-have-fun kind of thing”.

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