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Londoners to protest against Trump and Mays' climate policies


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Concerned Londoners will hold a protest march starting at Westminster Bridge on the 29th April, the same day as a simultaneous protest in Washington D.C., to fight Donald Trump’s signing of an order to dismantle the climate policies of his predecessor Barack Obama.

The decision makes it possible to lease federal land to the coal industry and means states are no longer required to cut carbon and methane emissions, harming the nation’s chances of reaching the requirements of the 2015 Paris Accords.

The event, entitled “Trump and May, Climate Disaster: Rise up!” is being organised by the People’s Climate Movement.

Claire James, who is part of the organisation team for the London rally, has noted that Trump is “pushing towards pipelines” such as Dakota Access, the building of which saw protests resulting in 487 arrests in 2016.

James wants to “show international solidarity” as Trump's proposals will see the US “pull out of the international framework on climate change”. She believes that people in Britain need to hold the “Government to responsibility”.

James notes that just because the British government is not as “outrageous” as Trump, does not mean they are taking it seriously. Austerity in her view has resulted in “really worrying funding cuts” and that if the Government took the issue seriously they would not build a new runway at Heathrow.

Gabriela Freiría-Escribá, an Outreach Coordinator for the People’s Climate Movement, says the organisation “demand that the government listen to what is important to its citizens. This is happening because our government is not representing the majority of its people.”

She also believes “the general goal is to bring awareness about all of this issues, and let our governments, not only in the US but in the world know that we will not be ignored, they represent us, and when we don’t see them representing or fighting for our best interest we will do what it takes to be heard and represented."

Markus Franck, founder of Franck Energy, aims to provide renewable technology to British homes and believes both countries have “side-lined” the environment.

Theresa May has abolished the Department for Energy and Climate Change and is yet to provide post-Brexit guarantees regarding environmental policy.

Franck also believes that Trump’s policies are worrying: “Trump’s explicit attack on US climate change policy has the potential to be disastrous in the long-term," he says. "The impact made under Barack Obama was progressive and positive, albeit modest. Trump’s impact is the opposite.”

He also believes Trump’s policy team give cause for concern as “the President is surrounded by climate change deniers and fossil fuel advocates”, who are unlikely to make a positive impact.

He argues however that May needs to be harder on her criticism of the US President, stating that “her indifference is not helpful in driving awareness and calming Trump’s actions” and that there is reason to fear: “In both cases, it seems likely that nothing profoundly positive for the environment will occur over the next five years, at least.”

More information about the rally can be found here, whilst more information on Franck Energy can be found here

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