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This US politician is being remarkably open about his history of group sex and homelessness

16th March 2017

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To prevent the leaking of scandals during his race to be Arizona’s next Governor in 2018, candidate Noah Dyer has revealed all - from group sex, to a period of homelessness, to a $100,000 bill.

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In his campaign announcement speech, titled ‘A Love Letter to Arizona’, Dyer states he is not perfect, but he and Arizona can have an ‘amazing and fulfilling relationship’ if its residents vote for him to be their governor in November 2018.

Noah ‘Noé’ Dyer, who is running for the Democratic nomination, believes it was important to disclose information which could jeopardise his campaign, stating that disclosed scandals come out of the woodwork to serve nothing but diversion from the meaningful dialogue of a campaign, which for him is to improve education and attract jobs and talent into the ditat deus capital.

Never-before-seen, Dyer’s webpage fronts the banner ‘Scandal and Controversy’ in which he details the ‘nitty-gritty’ of his personal sex life in an attempt to ‘connect on a deeper level’ with voters.

Promising ‘there will be no backroom deals, no back scratching and no back stabbing’ Dyer further discloses details on his finances, religious views, family history and views on privacy, as well as inviting people to scroll through his old Facebook posts, all of which are now set to public.

With the hope of wishing to have a ‘real conversation’ Dyer bared all so that discussion on his ideas can move ‘forward in a productive way’ to ‘ignite positive changes’ in the community.

Formerly an educator, his website describes how the entrepreneur and author is a ‘thoughtful and socially responsible moderate’ who believes ‘transparency is a critical issue for 21st Century voters’, which is why he has a ‘unique willingness’ to be open.

Contrary to the president’s views, Noah believes anyone who wants to live in Arizona has as much of a right to be there than him, regardless of their birth place.

Another stand-point Noah supports is the legalisastion of marijuana, which he states he is not a user of, but believes it’s unfortunate that whose who benefit from the use of cannabis choose not to do so because of the stigma attached to it.

He also supports the right of those wishing to own a gun to do so, but discourages those with children in their homes to keep a gun inside.

Keen not call his past scandalous, Dyer considers them ‘private matters’ served on a ‘silver platter’ for all to see, stating none affect his ability to lead the State of Arizona – with his website stating he believes voters are ‘smarter enough to recognise that.’

Speaking to Fox News, Dyer said: “I think people want honesty from their politicians, and I’m willing to give it to them.”

He added that not everyone was in favour of his choice of disclosing such personal information: “Everybody on my campaign, not a single person agreed with it, but I was personally passionate about it and I’m pleased about it.”

Considered a ‘solid rate state’, it’s understood Dyer has a tough fight to win the Democratic vote – with Fox News reporting that that Dyer has no name recognition or support from the Democratic party.

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