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Last Night In Sweden: How did Twitter react to Trump's blunder?


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On February 18th during a rally in Melbourne, Florida, Donald Trump implored his audience to share and support his hard line stance on immigration in order to protect his country from terror attacks similar to those seen in Europe in recent times.

Naturally this seems nothing out of the ordinary, a standard Trumpism. But what has set this particular speech apart from the vast store of well known Trump policy, was a special request the President made to his audience. He told them “look at what’s happening last night in Sweden”, a nation he appeared to believe had faced some sort of backlash from its accommodating stance towards refugees.

Last night in Sweden? Nobody seemed to know exactly what the newly inaugurated president was referring to. Did the media of the world forget to fulfil its most basic and fundamental duties of defending the public interest and raising global awareness? Did the international community leave this leading Scandinavian powerhouse out in the cold while it faced a national crisis?

While the circumstances of his statement seemed just about as mythical as the real size of his hands (the contoversey continues), one thing remains certain. As in all instances of political upheaval, contradiction and questionable policy in the 21st Century, you can look to Twitter for an insightful yet speculative glimpse into the latest current affairs form the perspective of the people themselves. As expected the social media outlet provided in abundance.

Former Prime Minister Carl Bildt set the tone and summarised the thoughts of a nation and indeed many onlookers worldwide with this single eloquent yet punchy tweet.

Some looked to reassure the world that Sweden was ok...

While most people it would seem took the opportunity to take advantage of the ambiguity...

Thankfully Trump later clarified his international hiccup, through an official presidential statement/Twitter status update. He claimed “my statement as to what’s happening in Sweden was in reference to a story that was broadcast on @FoxNews concerning immigrants and Sweden”.

Moreover a White House spokesperson has also sought to clarify the incident by stating to reporters that Trump had been referring generally to rising crime and not a specific incident.

Regardless of what the President was trying to say, it can’t be denied that his blunder provided a glorious night for political Twitter enthusiasts worldwide.

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